Brunch – Winter Wonderland

Welcoming you to EyefulEvents with open arms on this cold winter evening

We’ve got 21 more sleeps until Christmas & I couldn’t feel more festive right now if I tried.

Another weekend, another review!

If you’ve read a few of my recent posts you’ll know about my ‘Festive things to do in London list’ – I am gradually ticking off everything I plan to do week by week and I can confirm I’m feeling extremely festive right now, more than ever believe it or not.


On Saturday we headed over to Covent Garden, one of my favourite places in London to start our day. Of course it was as busy as ever and then some but the buzz was energetic and lively – wonderfully decorated and as usual plenty to do with all of the shops, street entertainment and Christmas market.

Of course we had to take a picture on one of the Instagram’able benches which are plotted about CG square, I feel like you really have to get involved. I have major OCD & hate that 2 women are in the background of this photo!


I am not a newbie to this place I’ve been here many times before but I just can’t resist writing up a little review on my experience. 24550200_1354772457983224_2145232343_n.jpg



Big Easy has everything I love about a brunch/lunch/dinner and then some, The prices are incredibly reasonable and of course this is always a key factor when eating out, the food is more than tasty which is great as it becomes the focal point of your experience & the combination of lighting, decor and music creates an atmospheric restaurant unique to Big Easy, it is always just a pleasure being here.

Good Food Mood

24337303_1354772567983213_1720038344_n.jpgOut of preference I went for the Lobster Mac & Cheese… I absolutely love this dish as it is extremely filling and tasteful. My number one choice

(barbeque sauce smothered fyi) – The girls went for the BBQ all you can eat…

For only £33 each (including service charge) we also got a gigantic jug of frozen mojito each which was soooooo good…  We literally spent a couple of hours in here mostly taking pictures and boomeranging our little lives away, thankfully I was wearing tights because I was STUFFED.
Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 18.15.07.png

    (That’s my bestfrienddddd)

I had to put my business card amongst everyone elses in the restaurant so if you ever go in there please look out for it and send me a picture and tag @eyefuleventsx



Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park


This was a priority on my to do list even though I’ve been every year for the last 6/7 years. I literally couldn’t tell you how much I love Winter Wonderland.

Saturday’s visit put me in the highest spirit I’ve ever felt and I was literally on an absolute high with it all, we were out celebrating my best friend’s birthday (which is today may i add, December 5th – Happy Birthday Burg I love you millions)

If you haven’t been winter wonderland I suggest you go as soon as possible, I strongly advise going with someone/people you’re most happy and comfortable being around because as soon as you get into the Bavarian Village you’ll be drinking loads and dancing/singing along to all the cheesy classics we hate to love, from experience going with friends is a much better and enjoyable option.


It was/can be pretty hectic, there were queues to get inside and then everywhere else once you get in, we were really lucky that we got in when we did especially into the village as it was rammed !

What I love about it so much is that it’s never an uncomfortable rammed, everyone is extremely happy, the atmosphere is literally buzzing and I can honestly say I’ve never seen any trouble, it’s a true festive spirit.


You get to take pictures with people in Christmas costumes even though the are just guests like you and I. It’s literally like anything goes and that’s what makes it special.

The only thing I would warn you of is the drink situation, it isn’t exactly cheap and there isn’t a massive selection of drinks but all of my drink preferences were available so I couldn’t really complain the prices rang from £5.50 on wards so be sure to bring some extra pennies


I literally had one of them days where you literally smile from ear to ear continuously.
I bumped into some familiar faces which really had a lovely impact on my experience. I love this time of year when everyone is out and getting in the festive spirit, I know sometimes it’s hard for people to enjoy Christmas for whatever reason but it’s so important you go do these things as it’s a great form of escapism and a way for you to enjoy something so wonderful even if it is temporarily for one evening.


So.. What’s next on the Christmas list ? Has anyone been anywhere good enough to recommend?

I think I need to go see all of the Christmas lights with one of London’s best hot chocolates, What do we think ?

Thank you all for reading – Leave your love below & Follow me on insta @beckyrosecarver for all my regular updates !



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