Current Favourites – Christmas Wish List

Good Evening All, Happy Tuesday…Can you believe its only 33 days until Christmas? WOW

Straight to it, Here’s my Christmas wish list, I have hesitated writing a wish list prior to this and even this one itself as it seems as though you’re simply hinting for the things you want especially as we are approaching Christmas, I can assure you that’s not the case at all, If you’ve not noticed already from previous posts I’m a big fan of ‘The Secret’ and a genuine believer of the law of attraction, by sharing my most desired things I’m attracting them (but if I have any admires out there then feel free to contribute) just kidding…

I have learnt the concept of creating wish lists through other bloggers as you get to know a little more about them their interests and their needs, Most of all gaining valuable inspiration with what’s currently trending, what’s out and about and most of all gatherings ideas for other people’s presents !!!!

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital CameraACANOCM075282389.jpg

I’ve been wanting to invest in a new camera for quite some time it’s just not been a priority and not felt as though I needed it, in a few months time im about to embark on an extremely big journey and I actually want to start a YouTube channel along with my blog to bring everyone along with me on my journey. This camera will benefit both my blogging images and first time ‘vlogger’ experience. If anyone has any other suggestions and recommendations with good cameras to consider please comment below! 

Morphe’s 35O Palette


My friends will look at this and be like ey ?! I don’t wear eyeshadow, I don’t even know how to apply it…I must learn how to be more of a girly girl, I always moan I can’t do make up like other women but then again I’ve never really tried. I love eyeshadow but I’ve also never owned any of my own and I’ve only ever worn it on the odd occasion when I’ve had my make up done for me.

After a lot of shopping around I gave up looking, there’s so many to choose from; colours brands and what not so obviously I went to social media for advice (bloggers and genuine people know best) and the lovely Danielle Tobin recommended the Morphe 350 palette from Cult Beauty, said why this would be a great starter and was kind enough to swatch some of the colours and give me a little beginners advice.

I am quite weary of beauty brands, I have found some of the most expensive brands I’ve used haven’t done the greatest of jobs and because I’m a first timer and somewhat experimenting for £23.50 and tonnes of colours to choose from I don’t think I can go wrong with this specific pallet.

Tom Ford – Cafe Rose


I love the strong fragrances so the likes of Tom Ford is always a number 1 choice when it comes to picking my preferred smell, Café Rose is probably a little girlier and not usually my acquired smell but I was massively drawn to it whilst wandering around Selfridges. I hate to admit it but I love the populations most favourite smells, it’s actually quite hard avoiding buying what everyone else loves/has these days so you just need to find a smell that you like and stick to it.

I always have about 5 fragrances in my draw anyway, all different from one another as I think it’s vital under different circumstances…from popping to the shop to dressing to impress.

The Happiness Plannerlogo.png


2018 is big year for me, it’s the start of my 5 year plan so I want to be organised from the second I enter the new year. The Happiness Planner have a collection of diaries, journals and organisers (beautiful ones may I add) I asked about and this was mostly recommended due to the practicality and purpose of the products. In all fairness the price is a little steep, the Peony Planner, obviously the one I want is £54.00, I personally don’t mind paying that – when I have the money to spare.

This is a great planner to keep organised, motivated and inspired, if you maintain these three things daily you’ll see a massive shift in your life and the things that come with it so I think this is a great buy realistically.

Tiffany Bracelet


I have desperately wanted this bracelet for about 2 years now, I could’ve easily bought it for myself but again I’ve never felt that I needed it, I’m an extremely guilty spender when it comes to buying things for myself.

For a reasonable £145 this bracelet will complete my ‘ball’ collection, matching both my ring and necklace that never leaves contact with my body, Will this be my Christmas present from me to me?

Blog Upgrade


Last but certainly not least, this one is probably the most important wish for the wish list. I absolutely adore my blog but I’m currently using a standard theme and format, I want my blog to be 100% unique to me and Eyeful Events so upgrading it to a business account will be the first thing I do once other priorities are out-of-the-way. It’s around £85 a year but undoubtedly will be worth every penny when it comes down to creating what I visualise.

So there we have it, my current favourites & my Christmas wish list, whether you’ll get inspiration from it or just enjoy the read I hope you’ve stayed engaged, if you have any recommendations similar to the above then please feel free to comment and advise me!

Tell me, What’s on your wish list!

Love B x



2 thoughts on “Current Favourites – Christmas Wish List

  1. Great post! That planner looks really pretty, I️ haven’t seen it before! I️ typically get an Erin Condren planner but I️ might look into switching it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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