Festive things to do in London ‘ 2017

Good Evening All, Happy Hump Day!
If you’re anything like me arranging things to do every week seems a little tedious everything starts getting a little repetitive and you then find yourself doing the same thing just for the sake of it, As we are again, rapidly approaching the weekend I thought I would share with you a little ‘Festive things to do’ inspo if you’re in or around London from now and in the upcoming weeks then please keep reading!

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly’

The countdown is on, with just a little over 6 weeks until Christmas we find ourselves in the festive season… some say avoid London at all costs but I think not, There are endless things to do over the upcoming weeks to experience the wonderful spirt Christmas brings, London certainly always feels magical.



I always mentally prepare a bucket list of things to do over Christmas as I continuously do the same things every year and that’s pretty much nothing…  this year I really want to branch out and experience everything I can (Seeing as this will be my last Christmas in London for a couple of years if my 5 year plan goes accordingly to plan)


I thought I would share with you the things I want to do this year and allow you to explore your options as well if you’re a little stuck for ideas, I’ve found some great attractions but I have only chosen to highlight my favourites, they’re perfect for friends, families, couples and even dates…

 Coppa Club | Tower Bridge – Igloos 

Coppa Club brunch date with friends is an absolute must. I haven’t actually been myself  YET but I desperately have to do this some point over the remainder of the year.

Situated in one of London’s most iconic places you’ll get to experience breakfast lunch or dinner and a few drinks whilst you cosy up in the wintery igloos. If you’ve seen this and taken a fancy, I would suggest booking it up as soon as possible to secure a date as their calendar is pretty full,  Their website does state that there are limited igloos available for walk-ins but it’s whether you want to dedicate your plans to something with the risk of getting turned away.

Ideally get a group together, there’s a maximum of 8 people per pod other wise if theres less than 6 of you, you’ll be sharing it with other people (I’m not too keen on the idea) with that being said, this is certainly on my to do list, One for the review book & Instagram feed!

The Winter Forest | Broadgate 


I literally fell in love with The Winter Forest  via social media so I need to go see and experience it for myself. Located a stones throw away from Liverpool Street station, this magical transformation is enough to put anyone into the Christmas spirit. Apart from the super Instagram’able surroundings there’s plenty to do for all; friends, family & couples (I recon this would be a perfect date night too)

Shop at the winter market and get some sentimental gifts for your loved ones or even for yourself, eat and drink in the bar & grill and enjoy some of the festive favourite drinks and seasonal foods, Plot up in the hideaway for group sharing platters or better yet cosy up to one another and enjoy a fondue & warm drinks wrapped in blankets (Doesn’t this sound divine) – Thank you @ambertiii for the image & day out Inspo!


LDN |Christmas Lights 

Now I am majorly privileged when it comes to working in London city especially this time of year, it generally is my favourite place. Every year since I can remember I’ve been to London to see the lights, you can walk the streets and experience the feel for the festive atmosphere. Every year the lights are different from the previous and always sponsor a charity. If you’re on a budget this is an absolute must, grab a hot chocolate, your favourite person/people and just enjoy your surroundings.

Carnaby Street Christmas lights are always spectacular, every year they seem to stick to a specific theme and then some, as you can see from the photo on the left, check out the rest of Pinterest you’ll see tonnes of photos from recent years. You can walk along the entire stretch of Bond Street onto Oxford Street and connect with Regent Streets wonderful display, the best part of this journey is that you can pop into some of London’s iconic department stores. (Selfridges,Harrods,and I can’t forget to mention Hamleys for the kids or big kids)


Winter Wonderland


 If you don’t already know about Winter Wonderland I would be extremely surprised, just in case you don’t I thought I would share this one as I’ve consistently been every year for the last 6 or so years and I love it more and more every time.  Through experience the best way to enjoy it is with family OR friends… I mostly enjoy going with friends to enjoy the festive drink up.

Entry is free so this is a massive bonus however food, drinks, games, rides and attractions all come at a price, if you’re wanting to go all out with the experience then I would suggest taking a bit of extra money.

If I could put on paper my ideal Christmas day/night out it is literally at WW. My fave thing to do is go and eat a German sausage hot dog with a warming cup of mulled wine, wander in-between the Christmas market and all the hustle and bustle, play games and attempt to win a massive teddy (or a little cute one) go on the rides and then fill up on some chocolate waffles & warm drinks

Last but not least, My BEST part of the entire attraction is to then make my way to the ‘Bavarian Village’ where all the magic happens; put on your dancing shoes and see through the evening dancing drinking and singing along to watch people performing

Backyard Cinema @ Winterville



Now if this isn’t the most amazing idea for date night then I don’t know what is, an immersive cinema experience that’s inspired by what we know as ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ well..kind of, I only assumed…better than going to your local VUE cinema and getting in debt with the price of popcorn, take  the mysterious wardrobe entrance taking you through an enchanted forest surrounded by what seems to be a beautiful magical path way leading you directly to the cinema.

To make things more interesting the location of this particular Backyard cinema experience is at Winterville which is another fantastic attraction to consider this Christmas season, Just like Winter Wonderland there’s many things to do for all ages.


Ice Skating 


I’ll keep this one short and sweet because it’s just an absolute must, I’ve been Ice skating a few times over Christmas and I will always have my heart set on going  Somerset House, not only does it look beautiful it has a fantastic buzz about it no matter when you go. Ice Skating certainly needs to be included into your day out as you don’t have access to the ice for too long so I would recommend making an entire day of being in London especially if your travelling in.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini ‘things to do’ post, I was mostly inspired to do this because I never seem to do anything I want over Christmas probably down to not having the time but I’ve actually now secured plans throughout Christmas to get all of these ticked off my list. I will of course do follow-up posts after my experiences to share with you.

I’m interested in knowing your recommendations, is there anything I’ve missed that’s a must? Im interested in knowing some secret Christmas hide aways and unknown things to do
Drop a comment below and share with us all.

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