5 Year Plan

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I can only imagine my life in 5 years time, I find it a little hard to accept I will be 28. I’ve spent my entire life certain that I will have my shit together by then – like well and truly together, this is why I’ve decided to post this now heading towards the end of 2017 into the new year, the start of my 5 year plan.

I like to think that everything I mostly desire is already there available to me just as long as I work hard enough for it, I know if I really believe in myself everyday up until I reach all of my goals I will continue to go beyond my personal expectations.

I’m a big believer in the law of attraction and I know that by sharing my goals openly and publicly it will allow me to manifest everything I plan for into the universe. Speaking openly of your dreams so you have something to work against and beyond is incredibly powerful, it’s the start of making those dreams a reality.

Setting up a 5 year plan is just a guideline, it doesn’t matter if you stick to it year by year, with any hope you’ll get things done a lot sooner ready to focus on your next set of goals. You can’t ever really plan things exactly how you want because we change as individuals and the universe loves to throw in the occasional obstacle ( positively all for a purpose)

5 Year Plan / Vision Board

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Year 1 – 2018

I aim to save £5000 +. Although I’ve already started, for the first 4 months of 2018 my biggest commitment is to save as much as possible to contribute towards by biggest goal for 2018.



Now this is something I’ve been dreaming of for years, I wanted to go travelling earlier this year but like I previously said obstacles come into play and make changes, however now’s my time and it’s actually happening, ALONE! I originally planned to travel SE Asia and then make my way to Australia but now I’m going straight there to find work & travel in bursts whilst I’m there to my most desired destinations.

I will secure my dream job in the events industry over in Melbourne/Sydney & get a home share or fortunately get a little apartment for myself to live in.

22090154_145654529382046_918739480940007703_n.jpgYou’re all here and already part of my blogging journey, I’ve been taking small steps day by day this year figuring it all out, 2018 will be the year I make my blogging journey the success I originally dreamt of. I feel my lifestyle change will give me greater Inspo and incredible content. I will balance the lifestyle motivation & event inspiration posts. Get strong collaborations and massively increase my following on social media to support my dreams.


I might seem a little greedy and a move to Australia should be enough for 2018 but as soon as I arrive and start to work, I will be planning some holidays for the year rest of the year and start ticking of my bucket list – This starts with India/Bali/Thailand or the Philippines – I hope to meet up with friends and maybe even family to experience these travels with.

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Whilst those are my biggest goals for 2018, it’s important they’re supported with things that will make them happen. I want to secure a dream job in the events industry, network with tonnes of people and get known in an unfamiliar place and get the ball rolling with my career and successful blogging journey. I will not give up pursuing these dreams over the year and last but not least (Cheesy) I’ll make friends and settle into my new home.

Year 2 – 2019

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Despite securing a job & starting my career, I can’t work for someone forever right? 2019 I will spend the entire year perfecting my business plan.
I know what I want to do already but I want to be able to stand up and confidently pitch my plan knowing everything I need to know to make it happen. Not only will EyefulEvents be a blog, it will be my business. I Know I’m sharing with you my plan but I’ll keep this one a little low-key, like I said until I’m confident & know every single fact and figure then I’m ready to tell all.

By takin my blogging to the next step and making sure my followers are fully engaged in the life of I and my journey, I want to have a successful YOUTUBE channel… even though this might start in 2018, 2019 I would like to perfect the entire thing, the videos, the editing and engaging the audience.

Surprisingly I’m kind of shy, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while I just want to get myself in the right place to do it.

  • Visit at least 2 more places on my bucket list (Whatever I don’t do in 2018) – I would also make sure I’ve traveled and experienced other parts of Australia.
  • Blogging: Event/Lifestyle & Travel collaborations – massive social media following & freelance work in the industry
  • Continue working & by the end of 2019 I would have saved at least £20,000 from 2018 & 2019 combined.
  • Visit home (Back to London/Essex) for my best friends wedding.
  • Treat my family well for Christmas & Birthdays


Year 3 – 2020


I’m a little afraid to put this into the universe because I whole heartedly know what I want I just don’t know where or how I want to do it… After 2 years of travels & working abroad  I will continue my career back home in London.  I will look for a role whilst I’m away  so I have something to come back to…I know that with my successful exposure as an event lifestyle and travel blogger it will come with ease and I will continue fulfilling a successful career.

I will rent/flat share for the remainder of 2020 so I can continue saving.

I will be more than ready to pitch my business plan and get a business loan to start it up towards the end of the year, I will be more experienced and ready to be able to get the ball rolling and start ‘EyefulEvents Event Services’

My business will be based online so I will be able to work from home and use home space & purposely built work spaces. I will hold meetings at people’s homes &/or restaurants/bars/cafes until I reach my next goal of buying a home.


One of my biggest goals  ultimately is to  be  a recognised blogger, be regularly invited to blogger events and awards.  I would like to be part of the blogging community and be involved as an influencer and a representative.
If I’m able to make a positive change some how in one way or another I would like to use my blogging journey to  do so.

Being away from friends and family I want to be sure that I spend good quality time with them all individually, get back to living the London Lifestyle and work exceptionally hard throughout the year whilst balancing an active sociable year. I plan to add to my savings as much as possible ready for 2021.

Year 4 – 2021

What are all these savings for? Of course I will be a home owner. I don’t doubt for a second that by 27 I will own my first 2/3 bedroom place big enough to create myself an office space. I would love to own a home in London but as a first timer I would like to stick to my routes and live in Essex (A nice vibrant part, accessible to the city)

Heading back to EyefulEvents Event Services, I will have successfully started by business and have 10+ clients on my books for the upcoming year. I know this will be achievable following the years of networking and gaining valuable working/personal relationships. My days of working for someone will be over. I become my own boss. Yeeeeeessssss!!

My ultimate goals for this year will be to really treat both of my parents for their birthdays, they both hit a milestone in their own ways and I will give my everything to make sure I do these things for them, not only are they dreams of theirs they’ve become dreams of mine

I will take my mother Susan to New York for Christmas….she will be 60 this year and it’s the least I could do to celebrate it with her… with any luck I will extend our travel onto another place in America.

My father Martin loves the Grand Prix & growing up I have grown to love it too… this year he will turn 50 so therefore I would like to treat him to a holiday to experience it with his own eyes, wherever it may be.

I don’t doubt this year will probably be the toughest but I know it will be most rewarding.  I’ve always wanted to be famous but not so famous I can’t live a normal life, I want to be known and recognised for what I do, being a social media influencer, an entrepeneur and a successful business woman.

I want to be healthy & happy in every moment and I want to feel and see my own success. I want to have regular brunch and dinner dates with friends, look after my nieces and nephew and take them really exciting places to experience numerous amounts of things. I want to go shopping and not squirm at the price tag (even if it’s in Zara or Topshop)

Live the most wild, challenging, successful life you possibly can 

Year 5 – 2022 ( Last but not least)

I am excited for all the good that is to come…the last of my 5 year plan (begining of my 10  year plan) is a complete wrap up of the previous 4 years, a year to take it all in and focus

I would have started up my business, I will have my first home ( Office space ) I would have ticked off a large propotion of my bucket list, would’ve moved to Australia, travelled to my most thought about places, experienced great experiences with my friends and family,  become a successful event,lifestyle & travel blogger/vlogger, kept healthy, happy and positive.

Whilst these 5 years seem pretty intense as cheesy as it sounds the journey I have planned for myself is open to meet someone to share every wonderful moment with, whether its next year or in a few years. I believe it’s important to grow with someone and support eachothers success and goals.

(Mum if your reading this, I haven’t planned to have babies in the next 5 years, sorry to break it to you but thats a no go)

I want to secure some of my biggest goals in such a short amount of time because I know its possible, if you follow  ‘The Secret’ you know the truth behind this, no matter if it seems unrealistic to you make sure you still aim high and beyond your biggest goals because you’ll be laughing when it comes to you. Your mindest it mostly important thoughout this time because your thoughts become things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read – I was a little unsure when starting this post if I should actually post it or not but why the hell should I, why should any of us be affraid to share our dreams.

Whats your 5 year plan looking like? If you could could pick 1 of your biggest goalswhat would it be?

13 thoughts on “5 Year Plan

  1. 😩😩😩 Darling this’s your dream and only yours, to be able to plan the next 5 years is amazing and I’ll be with you all the way, well as much as I can. You can do this and I know you will. How lovely to be going to New York for my birthday, I’m not saying my age, I want snow snow and snow. Love you little one ❤️❤️❤️ Oh another brilliant blog ❤️❤️

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