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The purpose of life is unknown, how we deal with it is each to our own, we live for the moments that make us feel on top of the world, we let our imaginations run wild & take ourselves to the unknown, we collect memorabilia from all events and moments we have in our life time so we don’t forget and we store it some place we will stumble across in years to come, we love laugh and cherish (at least we certainly should) and we all create the life we lead through our thoughts and actions – we are all kinds of creative thinkers that utilise our creativity in one way or another some better than others; people make it a passion, turn it into a dream and then it then becomes a vision and then in this case, a business.


AW Design & Illustrations recreates the moments your imagination takes you, represents the stories you want to tell & designs wonderful bespoke event stationery for your guests memorabilia boxes & of course your very own.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee very recently whilst I was out getting inspiration for to coincidentally then come and inspire you on EyefulEvents. I’ll be completely honest when I say the display Aimee had on show instantly caught my eye as I walked by her stand at the National Wedding  Show, I knew straight away with my fine eye for detail that the work she was showcasing came from incredible talent, genuine passion and a lot of hard work.

Growing up Aimee was inspired by her fathers design business; she admired his work and no time she quickly adapted to this artistic environment and drew regularly with him and in no time it soon become her own passion. Its what she knew and what she loved and from then took this interest and implemented it into her studies at Cambridge college as a Graphic and Fine Art Student; loving every second of it she continued to follow the path that lead to Aimee Willow Designs around 4 years ago when she was only 17!

Aimee is forever doing what she can to evolve her business as it has taken a massive growth over the last year or so where she has been honing her personal style – This being an inky illustrative take on designs. Aimee look’s to start organising styled shoots and work on more original botanical artworks

AW Design & Illustration Services

Aimee Willow Designs provide services ranging from branding, business card design, wedding stationery and illustration.


I wanted to start with Illustration as this is where the genuine passion lies within AW Designs, If you don’t know the meaning in a few short words I hope to make it more clearer, It’s a Decorative interpretation or a visual explanation on published media.

”We have helped create many a illustration for Weddings, Anniversary presents, Businesses and Families.
From Houses, Wedding Venues, coat of arms to small illustrations to use on products anything is possible. Our preferred medium is ink however we are always versatile”

I’m actually glad I’ve now been introduced to this exciting meaningful approach to design, especially when it comes to events as I’m used to seeing standard printed stationery. You can literally go wild with your imagination and have it printed on your invitations or your table plans, you’re able to make it your own and no one else’s and that’s really something special. There’s no limit to creativity.

What I love mostly about the event illustration (no matter what type of event it is) you’re able to tell a story and really make the moment and take your guests through your own personal journey, there’s nothing more delightful that the ability to be able to do that.

If you’ve seen a previous post of mine ‘Invitation Inspiration’ you’ll know how strongly I believe in immersing guests into an events especially a wedding. I couldn’t think of anything worse than someone looking at an invitation and just putting it aside, although it’s your event and your special day still capture the guests attention and let them know what’s to be expected.

We offer many design services be it pre-made designs or totally bespoke

‘At Aimee Willow Designs we love creating something special that reflects you both as a couple. The possibilities are endless.’

I figured the best way for me to go through the different services Aimee provides is to simply show you, Please do go through the links I’ve provided that go directly onto the according pages for the main website to see many more work and further information, I have selected my personal favourites but don’t forget that we have different tastes and preferences so go find your favourite.

House Designs  

Just because we’re living in the 21st Century & Social media is everything right? I think this is a great way to start a # for your wedding day too, get everyone involved.

I just love this design, the bold bright colours with the gold leaf detail & the invitation package with all of the additional inserts.

I’m seriously obsessed with the ‘passport’ concept – It’s great for a themed wedding or of course an event aboard.

On the Day

This can be creating design/illustrations for all kinds of event stationery – from the order of service, Table plans, Menus, Table numbers & Place cards. Again the photo’s shown are my favourite finds of Aimee’s work, they’re all beautiful and just that little different to the usual things I see week in week out at weddings, believe me everything is near enough always the same

The acrylic table plans & settings are proving to be very popular at the moment and are ‘ In the style’

Table plan goals? I think so.. Check out this creative hoop, imagine this but implemented to your very own theme/style.

Bespoke Designs

‘Bespoke designs are our speciality here at Aimee Willow Designs. We pride ourselves with being very versatile – due to our Art background we can quickly make a suite bespoke with unique illustrations or quirky ideas. We source any materials or elements that you may wish to include in your stationery.’

Venue Illustrations

I find this very unique & far from original that’s why I love it! It’s a wonderful keepsake as well as an informative bit of information to go along with invitations but its part of the immersive experience I previously mentioned. I advise you check out the venue illustrations so you can see more wonderful work that can be done. It would be a lovely way to create a memory book of the special day if you were to have an illustration of the venue & a map to compliment the other stationery materials.

Wedding Websites
I’ve never seen this before now & think this is a great idea, certainly worth checking out.


I could sit here all day and night writing about my admiration for the hardwork and passion that’s gone into making this business. I hope the work has inspired you as much as it did me. It’s important my readers know everything I write is from a genuine heart and I wouldn’t write about something or someone if I didn’t believe the product/service provided wasn’t 100%. I believe in good quality & hardwork and of course my little book of recommendations is needless to say filing up with just that.

I would like to thank Aimee for letting me feature her on my blog & let me build my portfolio, I am more than happy to give you all of my on-going support. I know how important it is to follow a dream and make it a reality, for Aimee she now has a business that once stemmed from just admiring her dad’s work as a little girl and that’s inspiring.

For all prices and questions regarding the products & services please visit

Aimee Willow Designs Contact Page

All Social media

Go and support, follow & like the pages – share with friends and family and anyone that may take an interest for their very own needs

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading just as much as I have enjoyed writing, please let me know your thoughts & comment what your favourite design/illustration is of AW Designs

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