iJUICE Essex

Good Evening all, I hope you had a fun productive weekend, I thought I would check in with a mini promotional review of a place I visited over the weekend.

I’m loving the increasingly large movement towards healthy living, we are more concerned now than ever about what goes into our bodies and this is fantastic.

 Admitedly we all have our off days and sometimes even weeks but that’s okay… as long as you try and get your daily nutriens in then that’s perfect; whether that’s eating vegetables with your meals or snacking on fruit throughout the day.

A very Close friend of mine and her partner have recently came into business with someone that owns a juicing shop. It’s located down 368 London Road, Westcliff Essex SS0 7HZ (see link)

The shop is made up of 100% natural freshly pressed juice that benefits you and your health in every way possible – understandably people struggle to consume fruit and vegetables by simply eating them so these juices are a fantastic replacement to make sure you’re benefiting from all of he goodness and restoring all of your missing vitamins and nutrients – the drinks are useful for healing, repairing, energising.

They’re fit for everyone of all ages even the littlest of children getting them used to fresh healthy tastes.

They have juices already made up (on the day) as you can see above or you can simply choose what ingredients you’d like to have if you have a personal preference. They’re able to provide you with information on the benefits of each drink and how they work well together.

What I liked most and you can see this on their instagram is that apart from the everyday fruits you can get your hands on the shop also brings in rare fruits you and even I may have never seen or heard of so it’s really great to broaden our knowledge on the good stuff.

 I always say drinks taste fresher and better in a glass bottle because that they just do, I love the glass bottle and label packaging, it is just simply effective and straight to the point of the brand and the image it’s reflecting. The glass bottles are reusable and recyclable which is more efficient for the environment as well as the plastic take away cups that are available – you can drink in the shop or take away if you’re on the go. You can have all three sizes


I absolutely recommend giving iJUICE a go if you’re in and around the area, not only are you supporting a dream & business you’re looking after your well-being.
After a long weekend the first half of the week is probably the best times to go & reboot yourself or more so go later in the week to prepare for the weekend


If you do have any questions I’m happy to point you in the right direction but just be sure to follow them on instagram for beautiful juices & healthy inspiration, @ijuice_uk
Better still stop off and go inside, check them out and experiment with all the different fruits & vegetables they have on offer

I hope you enjoyed the read, share the love & tell everyone about it

( If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I’ve not had my MacBook for 3 weeks now so everything I do is from my phone, trust me it’s killing me but I appreciate the patience and the on-going support with the lack of material I’m unable to post – I can Assure you I is all planned and prepared ready for my mac to be back)




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