Good Food Friday

Happy Friday All!

 I’m not quite sure how I feel about this but happy 1st of September… I’m almost certain we’ve skipped a few months this year and I’m finally accepting the fact we’re not getting them back.

I ended August & the beloved bank holiday weekend/week eating out more than I usually do in one week but I had some good food with good people and thought I would share my dining experience with you all.

Giggling Squid
For the Love Of Thai.

Lunch date number 1 with my best friend Brooke, She recommended this place to me as she had often visited on her lunch breaks. As we are in Essex we had the choice of Brentwood or Billericay so be sure to check out the others locations and see if there’s any near you.

The lunch time menu was brilliant,there were so many options to go with so you’re not short of choice.
You choose from ‘One Big Dish’ ‘ Two Dish Combo’ ‘Tapas’ or ‘Tapas Set’ these are great choices because you can base it on your hunger levels or how full you want to be.

We started of with some chilli prawn crackers & sweet chilli sauce whilst we made up our minds, As it was the start of the weekend I also went straight in for a cocktail.
From the menu I chose the ‘Starving Squid Tapas Set’ for £10.95. If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting what was to come…

H E  L  L  O
I didn’t  know where to start BUT I certainly finished with a massive struggle and a little breather.

Chicken Red Curry
Thai Pork Dumplings
Thai Spring Rolls
Jasmine Rice

Every little thing complimented one another & was cooked to perfection, I’m genuinely ready to go and try my second dish.
Check out their website in the link above & be sure to check out the menu.

What would you go for?


A quiet evening with friends is the best tonic for a long day.

From partying & being to 4 different events in over 24 hours we finally decided to sit down and have a well deserved meal… it was a struggle but we needed it, we ordered a Chinese and in my fortune cookies the above quote was found & it was extremely relevant to that moment, Who doesn’t believe in the law of attraction?

On the following day we went out for some fresh air and some brunch, we walked down Bricklane & continued onto Shoreditch Box Park , if you’re not familiar with London this is a fantastic area with a great buzz of diverse weird and wonderful people with plenty to do; eat, Drink, Shop & Play.

Cook Daily

All Vegan Asian Food Bowls, Freshly cooked in eye sight.
I’m not vegan but food is food & it was bloody good. We all tried something different and everyone certainly enjoyed their choice. I went for the ‘High Grade’ bowl with tofu.

The bowl was made up of Stir Fry Veggies, Hemp Oil in a Smoky Sweet & Sour Sauce – Topped with Green Herbs & Hemp Seeds & Tofu.
Served on Brown Rice

I also complimented the goodness with a banana and cinnamon smoothie ( It came as a meal deal with the food bowl)

I would highly recommend CookDaily for the price, fresh flavours and of course the health benefits. As I said I’m not a vegan nor am I a vegetarian but I’m massively trying to lower my intake on meat for all the right reasons but when you try dishes like this without mean it just goes to show you don’t need meat to make something good.


Now for the final meal of the week and the one I’m probably most excited to show off and tell you about as I’ve waited a very long time to go here

The Breakfast Club

My virginity is finally taken, the one and only Breakfast Club has my heart
An absolute must go-to place if you’re around one of the restaurant areas. We headed over to Hoxton Square as it was local to us.

We were seated and served by a lovely lady who was extremely patient with 5 excited people picking every possible dish & side of the menu.

I kept to what I know and what I love – Eggs Benedict Royale with Salmon & Avocado – I also pinched my friends chorizo to go on top and Oh my good god.

What blew me away was what my girl chose for hers…
I couldn’t tell you what it is from the menu but it was absolutely mouth drooling.

Everyone was on a different level of satisfied, it really hit all of the right places, especially when food goes straight to the heart.

I will more than likely be making a regular appearance to all of these depending on the mood/vibe I’m feeling when at home in Essex & when I’m in London.

Thanks to friends for the good food – Big Love


You can see more photos & videos of what we ate on my personal Instagram @beckyrosecarver

I know I’ve kept it short and sweet but I’m just sharing with you my favourite foods of the week, they’re not specific reviews but I’m certainly willing to give you individual ones again ( all the more reasoning to go back)

What’s been your favourite dish of the week? A home-made meal from your mum or a little place in the city? Share the love and let us experience it too…

I hope you enjoyed this Friday read & I will see you Sunday for some Event Inspiration.




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