I’ve Got You Covered

Happy lovelies, I hope you’ve had a great weekend & are prepared for an even better week ahead!
I’m back to share with you my recent inspired faves, if you haven’t already guessed it  I’m covering chair covers!

So, Hello Chair Cover Lovers!

Event styling is something I have a passionate eye for so I’m constantly seeking the most creative, beautiful & memorable ideas to hopefully inspire you all with.

They’re applicable all year round for every type of event, like most event necessities chair covers are a massive statement and an opportunity for you to be super stylish and creative. Over the years I’ve seen some pretty amazing concepts usually at weddings. Don’t get me wrong sometimes less is more but you really can have some dreamy designs, you me and all other creatives can admit to them being the ultimate winners too.

I would like to start on a brighter note and go in with a summer design, perfect for a wedding aboard or an outdoors beach inspired event.

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

This was the first beach picture that caught my eye, from the above photo a drape is perfect for a beach event. It blends with the sand, it looks extremely soft & very cooling (especially in the heat). The shell tie back is spot on theme and could come in all types of styles. I love an elegant drape as you’ll see throughout the post but it really does set the scene for an Instagram’able #wedding. Summer Fave

It’s a Girls World


It really is a girls world… this might be a little more ‘OTT’ but O H – H  E  L  L  O !
Isn’t this amazing… I come across this post on Pinterest and I couldn’t pass it and this is what inspired the chair cover lover post today.
A review was created by Diann Valentine based on her New Years Girlfriends Brunch and these were the chair covers presented at the event. This kind of event is exactly what these outstanding designs would be perfect for… Hen Parties, Birthdays, Brunches, Blogger events and of course Launch Parties – This will be the word on the internet.

Winters Calling

I don’t want to dampen the mood, quite literally.. but only a few months from now winter will be approaching and of course if you’re planning an event for December then now’s the best time to seek inspiration.  I love the above design as it’s something I’ve not seen before. You could dress it up or keep it simple using whatever  winter accessories you might prefer but a rustic bow with winter themed accessories are fantastic for a winter event.

This does genuinely feel wedding inspired but like most they’re simply applicable for anything, depending on the style of the chairs available these may look different but it gives you the platform to dress it up, be creative and winter stylish.

Make a Statement

Died & went to princess heaven, This is my dream wedding setting… I love floral so much it has stolen my heart although I’m more of a red rose lover than a pinky lover but you get the general idea.

Off white settings are suitable all year round Winter, Summer Autumn or Spring; from Hen parties to launches , formal dinners and brunches what a D R E A M.

It is fresh, elegant, simply effective with a dash of class.


Simply Elegant & Beautiful


I instantly loved this chair cover inspo from JF Styling on Facebook and loved their ruffle tie back chair covers they’d recently posted for an event they’d worked on.
I adore the styling they do and often seek inspiration from them, enough to share it with you!

I went on to look for more ruffled designs on Pinterest.  This design can be implemented throughout the year on many occasions, it’s a timeless piece that will never go off trend. You can choose your colours and a specific tie back to suit the theme of your event, similarly to ‘Glamour meets nature my choice of tie back would be an individual rose or it would be a small bouquet of some kind.

ps. How beautiful is this table setting? Everything about it is pure brilliance and defines the exact reason why I love event design. It is an art form, do it for the wow factor.

Glamour Meets Nature

A combination of number 1 #SeaShells & number 5 #SimplyElegant is exactly what id call the perfect chair cover.

As I’ve said throughout the post certain elements of each design would create my perfect chair cover and here it is! Glamour meets nature is certainly not last nor least it is everything.

MINE ; Off-White, Soft Drape, Red Rose tie back & a little bit of ruffle (Excitement screams)

This is everything… I know we are all different and are attracted to different designs but for me to inspire you its important to show you how to be creative and imaginative …
Pick 3-6 things that draw you in and take little bits of each to make your own.
I’m not saying no one hasn’t thought of the idea before but you know its your own and you know what makes it special to you, fave colours or fave designs… try it for yourself although I am here and more than happy to help.

I hope you enjoyed my Chair Cover Lover post and have seeked some inspiration or interest in what I’ve posted!

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What was your favourite design?

All my love



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