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Hello to all of you my lovelies, Happy Hump Day

Today I’m providing you with another lifestyle post, A little motivation and I guess an important life hack for when you’re running a busy disorganised schedule life-like me, no day is ever the same!

On Sunday’s I often feel obliged to do as many things as possible to free up valuable time in the week, whether it’s preparing your outfits, writing a to do list, sending emails or meal prepping.

The ‘to do’ saver for me is the meal prepping, it saves me a tonne of time in the week and in fact it keeps me maintain a healthy lifestyle. If I’m honest I’m not always around on Sundays to prep my meals, I’m either at my boyfriends, working, visiting family or just genuinely occupied doing something else  but if I don’t get it done I avoid eating in the week due to being super busy or eat all of the wrong things because they’re quick and convenient.

I’ve never gone directly to a meal prepping service I’ve always done it myself but it had become insanely boring and samey samey however I recently decided to do so when I came across @propermeals_ on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.44.32.png
Proper meals are genuinely different from other services I’ve found, I usually think  ‘Why will I pay for something I can quickly make at home (Chicken & Green veg x 7)
The menu really appealed to me due to the delightful creative meals they had on offer each week, they’re always different so you’re guaranteed to have something new to choose from. Not only is there a massive choice of meals they have healthy snacks (Which is an absolute must if you crave sweet treats like me)

Each meal is made up from fresh lean meat/fish sourced from their main suppliers ‘Downham Meats’ they also use fresh home-made sauces to compliment the dishes so you really are getting the most tasty healthy meals for your money.

The prices vary depending on what you want, you can have either a 5 day plan or a 7 day plan.

For 5 days you can have 2 meals a day & a snack and it will be £45

For 7 days you can have 2 meals a day & a snack for £60

I spend untold amounts on food shopping every week, half of it goes to waste at the end of it. I spend on average 7 hours making breakfast/lunch and dinner every week on top of all the washing up so I can confirm I’m saving money and valuable time (its crazy when you think about it)

Depending on your fitness goals you can have up to 5 meals a day or just have one meal a day – Lunch times are my hardest times because its easy to grab a quick lunch somewhere (more money spent)

Please do contact them for a full price list

I’ve really enjoyed trying the meals over the week I haven’t got sick of the sight of them or fact strayed from my holiday diet which is fantastic.  The containers are also perfect portions for the food.

I opted for a lucky dip because there’s nothing in the world that I don’t eat…
Proper meals delivered to me Sunday evening when suited me which was massively appreciated..
I had:
(Piri Piri Chicken, Cous cous & Salad
Low fat pork sausage, chorizo & pasta
Sticky Maple Chicken, Sweet potato & Mixed Veg
Grilled peppered steaks, rice & Veg.
& the healthy snacks.

I will be looking forward to my next delivery to maintain my healthy diet, saving extra time and money and not wasting food.

If anyone is based in Essex and are looking for your ‘go too’ meal prep then I can certainly recommend proper meals, even to give them a go.. I know you’re all bored of your standard meals everyday so mix it up and enjoy your diet rather than hate it.

What would you fancy? Check them out, drop them a message for a full list of their prices and see what they can do for you.

Happy Eating All!





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