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Hello All,
You’re invited to see my Invitation Inspiration

I am a massive fan of event stationary in general, but I am forever seeing and completely obsessing over some of the most beautiful exciting invitation designs for all types of events.

I Myself just like any other person L O V E  receiving a personal invitation, Isn’t it the greatest feeling?  It’s like a little gift… JUST like when Charlie got the golden ticket to go to the chocolate factory?

An invitation is the first impression of the event to follow, whether it’s a special event like a wedding or an invite to a gala dinner or a launch party. Not only is it the first impression its something that can be kept as a memorable keepsake.

I have gathered together some of my favourite invitation designs from my Pinterest boards to share with you all.

Grab your Passport

This one literally made me jump with excitement.

I love this concept for the obvious reasons. It is creative and immersive, most certainly a way to catch the receiver’s attention.

I would absolutely love to use this at some point in my life for an event ahead of time, preferably for my dream wedding aboard!

You can use this design for tonnes of events; whether it’s a tropical themed birthday party, a corporate travel reception or a product launch party (in the travel industry).

Photo Booth


Now I most defo love this idea for a ‘save the date’ invitation.
I see this and instantly thought about the photo booth pictures me and my boyfriend had at the start of our relationship and thought OMG I would absolutely adore that picture for our future save the date invitations. (No hinting RJ I promise)

It’s really sweet and personal, guaranteed to make the receiver smile!

The attached tag can be designed however you prefer, theme, colour, shape, size or material its yours to make it your own.

(This is the picture I mentioned above)


Polaroid Pictures 

Again, for any event at any time. Who doesn’t love a polaroid picture? As you can see this designer has used three different images (in which you can use whatever ones that will mean something to your event) and they’ve used each one to tell a story, provide information and given the receiver an RSVP.

Extremely simple but beautifully effective…

I adore the finishing touches to the envelope and the seal, use your imagination and make it your own

Next Stop #Train


Last but certainly not least, I really loved this idea of an invitation – now if you’re not from London or at least in the surrounding areas this ticket will just seem like any other ticket, but it is in fact what I call (what I know) to be a national rail ticket. I use these pretty much every day of my life to get everywhere so to me it is personally a great concept.

I guess this concept will signify connectivity, togetherness & what we know, I would love to use this for a special occasion, however this would be perfect for an opening party or a product launch especially within the area because its more than likely to be relatable to the receivers and they’d find humour in the idea…

For lovely finishing touches they could be delivered in a travel card holder (personalised to you and your event.

Just Like the Movies 


Another stimulating design that can be used for every imaginable event wanting to tell a story! It screams to me premiers and after parties, product or brand launches or most certainly special celebrations designed to tell a story ‘romantic blockbuster or 13 going on to 30th birthday party’

This is a brilliant concept behind many great possible themes. I think I would choose this for a big birthday celebration or a showcase.


That is all I have for you this evening, All inserted links will take you directly to where i’ve sourced the pictures from. None of these ideas are my own although I would’ve loved them to have been. They just inspired me to inspire you!

What do you think of the above?
What ideas have you used or have you seen that would be a great invitation?

Better yet, as this is all about inspiring and motivating you guys, What would you like to see, is there any events you have coming up but are stuck for ideas? Feel free to comment below & I will be sure to see what I can do

Thank you for coming : Keep engaged & Stay in touch…

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