The Old Rectory

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This is primarily a Venue Review BUT it’s not just any venue, it’s a venue that is very close to my heart. #lifestyle #events

I couldn’t tell you any specific date but it has certainly been a big part of my life over the last 10 or so years. My beautiful mum started working here as a waitress and she has continued to do so alongside her full time job as a teacher ever since. I remember coming into work with her and being amazed by the grounds and the manor house itself ; I still get that feeling now.

When I was like 13 I started coming here with my mum fulfilling minor roles and chores like washing up, collecting glasses and helping when and where my help was needed, Well…I like to think that was the case but I mostly remember eating and playing around with my mums friends daughter.

Obviously as I got older I started properly working as a waitress, this was where it all started for me. The Old Rectory was the place that inspired my interest for events and massively influenced my love for it today. Growing up seeing beautiful weddings and celebrations, different designs, concepts and most of all happy happy people.
I just knew this is what I wanted to pursue this as a career.

The Old Rectory

Lower Dunton Road, Dunton, Brentwood, CM13 3SW


Is an enchanting manor house situated down a stretched drive way in-between the lovely Essex country side, everything around it is homely and traditional. You see farmers land, animals and even their homes. It’s wonderfully peaceful and feels somewhat inaccessible by other people who aren’t you or your guests.

All year round; Snowy winters, Blooming Spring, Bright Summer days and Crispy Colourful Autumn it is a simply perfect setting for any occasion.


The manor has climbing flowering vines, beautiful greenery and a desirable wooden gazebo that is perfect for a summer wedding or if you’re feeling brave any other time of the year (Our British weather is far from predictable so you could have a lovely summers day in December) and an outdoor event would be great.

What I love so much about the The Rectory’s outdoors is that there’s some really lovely features; a private wooden swinging chair amongst draped trees and an intriguing brick wishing well covered by another type of wooden gazebo.
A key component of these grounds is the picturesque fish pond with a little bridge crossing over to a private bench * Photo Opportunity*

It really is a charming backdrop for all of your photos whatever type of event you have here, especially a dream wedding




What’s so great here is that the venue is fully licensed to get officially married here so it’s not just a reception space, you can have it all here from start to finish.
There’s more than meets the eye, it’s not just a venue it provides exclusive hotel accommodation; there’s a mixture of rooms from bridal suites, double rooms, twin rooms and even family rooms. The hospitality here is brilliant; experiencing it from both ends as a guest and as an employer.

Back down into the main space you can comfortably accommodate 150 people throughout the day. Your catering options are completely at your preference and can have anything from a buffet to a hog roast, BBQ or a traditional three course meal all of great quality and fine tastes. Moving on into the reception you can of course increase your invitation list and have a great space to dance and sign the night away.

Although The Rectory is beautiful as it is, it’s pretty much a blank canvas so you can adapt your own unique style to create your dream wedding/event.

20179657_1238073359653135_1229138876_n.jpg(Photo Credits: Click Here)

Behind the scenes of The Old Rectory is like a big family, everyone has been around one another for a long long time, as I previously mentioned its been part of my life for over 10 years. I think this is massively important in a venue like this as you can really tell by the atmosphere and the happiness of the staff that it is a great place to be.

Unfortunately I don’t have any personal photos of every area of the venue but the link above will take you directly to the site and everything will be found on there, better yet organise a viewing and see this place for yourself.

I’ve taken a lot of time to write a review about this place because it does mean so much to me, it is one of my favourite places but I am holding your best interest in my own heart and know you or someone you know would have your dream day here.



Here are all the details so you can do some extended research:

Click here for the Main Website

Click here for the Facebook Page

Click here for the Twitter Page

I hope you enjoyed the venue review as much as I love the venue, please feel free to comment or pass on this beautiful recommendation.

All my love, Becky

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