Summer Styling

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Whatever you’re here for, this post is to give you some Summer Inspiration

You may have already seen the Spring’spiration post I made a few months back which is very similar to what I am posting this season. Despite the fact that here in Essex/London we get about a week of summer overall, I like to imagine we are blessed with a little more and we are able to comfortably plan ahead for beautiful outdoor events.

I regularly seek inspiration for all types of events, I see what’s currently trending, what people are often obsessing over and then go onto create my own favorites in a mood boards, of course I’m delighted to share them with you. My mission is to influence everyone to D I Y. If you have a wedding, hen party, baby shower, anniversary, birthday or anything else event related, here’s what you can do to be the hostess with M O S T E S S.


# 1 – Garden Parties

Firstly, This is my ultimate favorite concept of 2017 and probably every year to follow… we all love a house party. Although the development from being 16 and going to your friends whilst their parents are away to being a sensible adult and hosting actual parties yourself for more official celebratory reasons.

If you like to Mix culture with pleasure, Eyeful Events loves Bohemian. I would personally choose this concept for a birthday, hen party, baby shower or any milestone achievement. This idea would also work well with larger scale events to set the scene of a specific theme.


Everything you can see is easily done in the comfort of your own home and on a budget if need be, they’re so many things you can do to implement your own preferences to this design. Little detailed props like lanterns, catering trays, cloths, pillows, wooden crates and some fairy lights really set the basis for your very own Bohemian Garden party. (Check the links for purchase examples) whilst these are the basics you’re able to do as much as you want with it, after all it is your event so make it all about you.

You just need to add some food bbq / canapés, cocktails music, photo area and you’re basically the No1 hostess with the mostess…

I adore these ideas and cant wait to try them in my own home when I eventually get one, I wouldn’t even necessarily need an occasion to make my garden look like the ultimate chill out spot.


My #2 favourite concept for garden parties ( or outdoor parties ) come with Cabanas, Canopy tents & tipi’s. Nothing quite screams stylish, elegance and sophistication than these beautifully designed spaces and if im honest im obsessed with drapped material.


My parents had their wedding reception at my childhood home and it has always made me love the idea, obviously if you’re lucky enough to have a big house or at least have access to one then you can DIY, other wise pick your venue wisely so you’re able to at least improvise and have someone utilise the space and create a beautiful garden party for you.

If you follow @eyefuleventsx on Instagram you’ll often see different event inspiration posts along with what type of event I would ideally love to see it at.
I personally think if you’re going to have a summer event at least make sure it is outdoors, standard! There are so many concepts and designs that can be implemented and you may as well make most of the great outdoors when it is nice out right?


(Sorry but how beautiful is this?)

Faves of the Season:


Beautifully bright and noticeable. I’ve always been a fan of ‘summer colours’ but these really stood out for me whilst doing my research. Understandably not everyone has the same taste so here;s the best of three:

Primrose Yellow
(& The lovely silverware to match – Obviously yellows are significantly suited to summer days)


Niagara Blue
(I love this colour because it reminds me of sunset settings when you’re on holiday, the picture speaks for itself)


& Last but certainly not least
Coral (Pinks & Oranges)
(You simply cannot get better than this  a summers day, if it isn’t already bright enough you will certainly make an impressive statement with this beautiful colour scheme)


Absolute Must Haves at ANY event


My cousin had this at her wedding a few weeks ago and it was great… seriously underrated! Memories last a lifetime. There’s a difference in photos when they’re professionally taken or when your cousin or mum captures the moment #natural

Doughnut you just LOVE it!


In the summer I would usually go for something a little more refreshing but I cant help but love these doughnut walls… flower walls are great but come on, doughnuts?
Great for launch parties 

Event Inspiration Instagram of the season: @shannonleahyevents
I love your work and what inspires you! You are my goals

I will wrap this up for you now as it’s been a lengthy one.. I hope you liked my summer faves.
All photo’s seen have been added from my Summer Pinterest – So credit given to those who have posted!

Comment below your summer must haves, Please subscribe and most of all follow my Instagram page : @eyefuleventsx for all things events…

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 Next post : Venue Vist (Essex)
Keep your eyes peeled x


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