G R E E C E ‘ 2017

If you follow my journey you will know how passionate I am about doing what I do for a living. Although this is completely a lifestyle post my dream is to pursue this as a career and it is well underway.

From the second I stepped foot on the grounds of my hotel I was already writing this blog in my head, keeping notes in my phone and figuring this possibly being one of the most exciting posts to date. I’ve recently landed back in the UK and initially hand wrote this blog on paper on my plane journey home, I was just THAT little bit excited.

This post is made up of:

x Experiences
x Review
x Recommendations

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Where did we travel?
London – Greece, Zakynthos – Tsvilli

Where did we stay?:
Tui Sensimar Caravel Resort & Spa

Travel Partner:
My love, RJ x

Friday 9th June
Arrival time!

Luckily for us we had an early flight so we reached our hotel shortly after lunch time around 3pm. As soon as we got off the transfer coach our luggage was instantly taken from us and went straight to our rooms. Check in was then extremely prompt with hardly no waiting around, we got to our room and put on our swimwear right away and went to explore the grounds of the resort and got a sun bed to catch some beautiful sunshine.

Typically being all inclusive, as it was our first night we wanted to do nothing but try the dinner in the restaurant and enjoy the live music by the infinity pool in the evening and try all the cocktails on the drinks menu, so that we did… Friday night was the International Dinner & Casino evening. We got a table outside on the terrace which was a bonus as it really set the tone for the week we had ahead of us. The food we had eaten was absolutely spot on, we both went up for seconds and desserts.

Cocktail after cocktail we relaxed and enjoy our evening – went back, unpacked everything properly and got a lovely cosy sleep ready for an early start in the morning.

Saturday 10th June
Is it just me or does being on holiday make it super easy to get up at the crack of dawn?
Today was the first time having breakfast and we certainly made most of it, I am out of control in an all-inclusive resort, I’m not even that hungry or at times not even hungry at all but I still continue to eat..eat and eat some more.  We then proceeded to set up for a  whole day in the sun by the beautiful beds situated on the pool ( these were the perfect spot)

Mid morning we had the pleasure of enjoying a free massage on behalf of the hotel ( I believe everyone gets this little luxury) I had a shoulder/Back massage and it was a dream, my partner also had the same and thoroughly enjoyed he’s too ( Not as much as he likes mine..) There’s a massive range of treatments that are available that are a little out of my price range BUT they’re totally worth it. The spa staff are more than happy to go through them with you without hassling you to go ahead with additional treatments.

Later in the day we returned to the spa to enjoy the rest of the facilities and to reduce the burnt skin I caught throughout the day. Myself and RJ love to go to spa’s back here in the UK and this was by far one of the best ones we’ve been too.

Saturday evening theme was Greek food followed by Traditional Greek Entertainment, this was a great evening, You have to have a feel for the culture and taste of the locals when visiting a different country; I love to try new unknown foods. Luckily in the buffet restaurant you can eat whatever you like and however much you like so if you’re not too keen on something get up and get something else.
Myself and RJ sat at the front of the pool with our cocktails (closer to the sea) and watched the entertainment. The dancers and singers were brilliant and really joyful, they got everyone watching involved. We also got up and danced together, it is such a special moment to have a little passion and laugh with someone you love, it is such a lovely way to bond and I literally love to dance, despite being good or not.

The drinks seen are frozen mango margaritas. Yum

Sunday 11th June
This day was a warm Cloudy day – BUT this wasn’t stopping us, we booked our free Al Le Carte restaurant for the 15th June (our last night) & went to book our excursions through our lovely Thompson host Fiona whom was absolutely brilliant all week.

We then went for an hours stroll along the beach up onto the strip of bars and restaurants and had a super exciting day out. We stumbled across a really old amusement park and spent a moment getting excited and competitive, we then moved forward to come across Fantasy Mini Golf – paid €12 for the 2 of us and 18 holes, bargain right? We took the blue track and it was tricky at parts but absolutely brilliant giving it a go. We stopped at the Irish Bar after for a cocktail or two and must give praise for the lovely 2 guys that were managing the place.

We then made our way back  and continued our competitive sports day by playing tennis on the courts of our lovely resort (only for a short while as it got super hot) – this is also a fun way to break up the day, after all if you’re anything like me it gets a little aggravated constantly sunbathing .

At the hotel the restaurant was hosting an international dinner followed by live music entertainment. This evening we decided to go to a restaurant which was a 20 minute walk away from our resort but it was often recommended so we wanted to give it a go. Bianco E Rosso  Myself & RJ had cheesy garlic pizza and two different pasta dishes and were 100% impressed with the amazing tastes on offer, as a lover of Italian food and a fanatic of the fresh foods of Rome I wasn’t disappointed. Unfortunately I didn’t take the names of our waiters but they were great, very welcoming and chatty, more great service at its best.

Monday 12th June

SAIL AWAY with me hunny

1st Excursion of the holiday.  ‘Sail Away’ was booked through Thompson. €60 x 2
This was a full day out, 8.15 pick up and arrived back home about 7pm. We spent the day on a lovely sailing boat with 12 others, this was great for an intimate and special day out (less people  more experience) The boat was manned by a guy called Alexandro, he was super happy and very sweet and made the trip very safe and pleasurable.
Our first stop was Turtle Island National Park, luckily spotted three Turtles but only for a short while. We then went into Keri Coves to stop off and swim
I’ve never felt quite taken back by what I could physically see, it was like all the films you see and videos on social media it almost didn’t seem real.

The third stop was to Keri Island for a lunch and beach break… Pictures will speak for this day.

Back at the resort, There was an international dinner & a DJ for the entertainment. Me and RJ met a lovely couple Ben & Carly, we spoke and filled the night with cocktails and tequila… always ending well 🙂

Outfit : Asos – I couldn’t wait to wear this and can’t wait to wear it again!

Tuesday 13th June
An entire day in the sun, probably the best worst thing ever. I certainly topped up the burnt tan (it looks good now though) a geeky day in the pool and by the beds testing out the go pro on each other.

This evening we planned to go into Zante Town and have dinner and walk along the harbour and just that we did. Both of us on fire and itchy from prickly heat so first priority was to get to a pharmacy (cheap and helpful out there)

We then walked into Solomos Square and mapped out all the restaurants and bar’s and decided to go for a traditional restaurant for dinner. Again service was great & we even had a little live performance by a 2 man band which was really lovely to round off the wonderful dinner. I had a local oven roasted lamb with rosemary and mustard, potatoes and a tonne of olive oil, I still can’t get over how much olive oil was consumed this week.

After dinner we took a stroll around the harbour which was beautiful at sunset, we walked all the way round and visited the church of St Dionisios, paid our respects and made a donation. The inside interior was astonishing , this is certainly something you should see for yourself (cover your shoulders before entering)

We went home and caught the last parts of the live music performance. This evening back at the resort we missed the seafood dinner which Im a massive fan of but my other half not so much; although there were alternatives we wanted a night out in the town anyhow.

Wednesday 14th June
Excursion #No2 – Smugglers cove & Blue Caves, Again booked through Thompson * I will give you a bit of advice and recommend to do the same, although you can get a cheaper deal somewhere you are not gaurenteed to have a pleasurable trip like ours, later in the afternoon upto 3000 people go into shipwreck beach and boats of 600 at a time come in, believe me when I say you do not want to be on that boat*
We paid €42 each for this trip and literally had the greatest day out, picked up at 9.15 and got home around 4:30pm.
It was a lot of travelling on the coach but was certainly worth it. You get to stop off at a little shop on the way for a toilet break and snack stock up, I would recommend you do so unless you haven’t already.

We made our way up around and down a mountain to get to the other side of the island to the harbour. As above, Pictures will do the talking.

The first stop was Smugglers Cove, otherwise known as Shipwreck Beach
The sea water was like a blue lagoon if anything just a little bluer! We were allowed one hour on the beach to take photos, look at the smugglers boat and swim in the beautiful water. It was an experience that I’m glad we can tick of our list and I would be quick to recommend it to you if you’re considering it, but please take my advice, pay a little extra and have a great trip. As you can see the beach wasn’t too busy when we got there so we had freedom to be in the sea, lay our towels down and take pictures by the famous boat

We then boarded back onto the boat and made our way to the second swimming point, both me and RJ said we weren’t going to get in on the way there as we were content on the boat but how could you not when you anchor here and see this?

The water was bath warm, crystal clear and absolutely breathtaking. We used the go pro under the water which reflects the scale of beauty that was around us but just not quite as wonderful as the real thing.

Can you spot the face?

Back to the resort we grabbed some late lunch at the snack bar and soaked up the last few hours of sunshine, both of us obsessed over the great day we just had.  Wednesday evening was again the international dinner; may I add the food was different every single night and not once felt like we were eating the same things over again, the ambience was set again through the wonderfully played live music.

H O L I D A Y F R I E N D S 
We officially met the Mr & Mrs Sam and Kayley, Tessa & Curt. These kind of nights are always the best, we had all seen each other around the pool but nothing had been said but a few drinks later we were literally holiday friends #all-inclusive
We had a heavy tequila and cocktail session great preparation for the lazy pool day to follow.

Thursday 15th June

Anniversary Surprise ‘ Thank You Tui Senimar Caravel
When we got back to the room the previous night we hadn’t even realised what was on our dressing table. A congratulations, bottle of prosecco and a lovely cake, now I’m a sucker for little touches and this made me the happiest girl ever! How bloody thoughtful and considerate of the amazing staff at this resort. Thanking you all.

Despite the hangover my love and I dragged ourselves up to meet our #holidayfriends at 6AM to witness this beautiful sunrise. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

This was our last whole day and it felt like it had come around a few days too fast, we made the most of breakfast lunch snack bar and dinner of course. A day by the pool to top up the tan and take in our week of experiences and drink some more cocktails.

On Thursdays the resort hosts the Directors Gala Dinner in the main buffet area, the entertainment is then followed by live music, directors speech and a lovely firework display.
Dress code : All white/black
Seeing as it was our last night we wanted to make it that little more special (if that was even possible) and had booked the Al Le Carte restaurant within the resort.

This was absolutely spot on, having 5* food and drinks constantly served throughout the meal couldn’t have been any better. Me and RJ picked either soup for starters, both had steak for dinner and mixed desserts to get the best of both. You would have to check out the menu to see what suits you more but I would highly recommend this as a preferred meal.

We sat on the bean bag beds by the performers for our last night getting the entire view of the hotel, the singers and of course the sea. Our Last night literally went out with a bang.. ! I heard there would be fire works so was deeply impressed when they actually went off, you just wouldn’t get this anywhere else. The director & management were extremely grateful to their staff and all of us there it was simply wonderful

Friday 16th June
Our transfer was collecting us mid day so was limited with what to do and where to go. We got up early enjoyed our final breakfast and got a bed by the pool for the best part of the morning. As home time is a sad time I would rather

Reflect & Review

The hotel; Tui Sensimar Caravel Resort & Spa was a dream holiday with someone I love deeply but I have to say it made me fall in love with him all over again, again and again. It was a holiday we both needed more than anything. From the second we stepped off the coach to the moment we got back on the coach there was not one thing to complain about not one, I genuinely thought there would be something, even the littlest of things but there just wasn’t.

The beautiful grounds were inspirational, I felt important being there. Every area was clean, modern and very stylish. Little finishing touches like the fresh herb bushes between areas complimented the significant service being maintained throughout, nothing better than having a mojito made for you and seeing them pick the leaves freshly from the bushes, that is impressive.

Our room was 508 which was in a further block which was situated near the entrance of the resort, we paid for a garden view so wasnt expecting anything more. When we arrived we had a lovely bottle of red, selection of fruits and a mini fridge full of soft drinks and water which was regulary refreshed. Our bed and pillows were out of this world I wanted to take them home with me. We had no problems with our room either, eventhough you dont spend a lot of time in there it’s still nice to feel comfortable and at home.

The wifi was better in some areas at differnt times, peak times in the day just wernt so great but we are on holiday why do you need your phone anyway…with that being said we do have free data charges now in Europe!

The Food; breakfast lunch and dinner was delightfully presented and thought out everyday. There was different food on the menu all day everyday so was never re-eating the same thing like other all-inclusive hotels usually do. We probably tried everything between us over the week and couldn’t fault it. I loved the Greek night, International dinners and the Al Le Carte meal most in the evenings. At lunch time if the freshly cooked salmon was there, that was mine – it was delicious. The snack bar, Caravel pizza was divine and everyone we had spoken to also loved that for a snack in between lunch and dinner ( it is a whole pizza just so you know) & as for breakfast I was constantly battling with not going for waffles and pancakes with nutella and strawberries on a daily basis. The chefs were superb, they wanted everything to be perfect and made sure everything they served was just that.

The staff /ft customer service, now all I can say is coming back to London and reflecting on the service at home it is shamefully embarrassing. Never have I met the kindest, most hard-working team of people willing to bend over backwards to make your stay most pleasurable and relaxing. I often went to the bar to get a drink and they would make me sit back down and bring it over to us. Amazing waiters & bar staff.

Throughout the hotel you were comforted by bubbly smiley staff, even the management team were around to speak with you and advise you with anything you needed which I found rare, amazing but rare.

The grounds and room were regularly cleaned and perfectly maintained day in and out so a massive appreciation goes out to them too for getting through every room and every area of the resort.

I feel incredibly passionate about perfecting this post because the holiday was a dream, it was exactly how I imagined it would be and all I could wish for was that it was a little longer, Myself and RJ were amazed everyday by every little thing, the views, the atmosphere, the catering the staff, everything.

Couldn’t be more appreciative for this wonderful week we had, I found myself again and got level headed after a few months of madness, found my focus and fell in love my boyfriend more and more everyday. I am in my happiest place right now

I hope you enjoyed this read, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

S/O – Happy birthday to one of my friends for life Faye; You’re the greatest supporter, most loving friend, happiest most deserving person of the greatest life. Have the best day x o



14 thoughts on “HOLI’BLOG

  1. Im going to this resort on the 7th July and my god some reviews have been mixed since we booked it. If ever a doubt you’ve just settled that.
    Brilliant read, brilliant blog and fantastic pictures. Thanks 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Lisa,

      I know, I was gutted to read some of the reviews, i was stressing out my poor boyfriend saying I will be really disappointed if I got anything less than what I was expecting ( pretty selfish of me )

      But I cannot stress enough how amazing the holiday was, I visit places and review them for a living and I have always committed to writing about the good places, I simply wouldn’t write about anything I didn’t enjoy….

      It was perfect in every way, understandably SOME things could be changed but nothing that remotely upset us or put us in a horrible state of mind for the rest of our holiday

      I spoke to numerous people around the pool and in the evening and everyone was over the moon with their stay,

      Thank you for your comment, enjoy the holiday I’m super jealous!!

      If you have any questions feel free to ask me x x x


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