Chelsea FC’

Earlier on this week I posted ‘Step back to step forward’ It will give you a massive insight to what’s currently going on in my life right now and what’s coming up now and in the near future.

Earlier in May I was kindly invited to my first networking event for ‘EyefulEvents’ which I’m extremely grateful for. Luckily for me it was situated in the Delta Lounge at The Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea FC (I kept my cool…I think, but I was literally so excited to be there and be part of this experience)

I was welcomed by the most bubbly enthusiastic staff members that made me feel extremely welcome considering I was attending alone, I was a little nervous so to speak. I got my name badge (ft. Eyeful Events as my company, yay) and was given drink tokens for the bar (as seen below)

I spent the first part of the evening  networking with others, taking in my surroundings and feeling extremely happy with this new venture I’m about to embark on.

I wasn’t able to see every single bit of event space throughout the stadium but I certainly got to see some of the greatest spaces for a range of events. Here I will give you an insight to my own experience and views, how I could visualise the space and what I liked about it.


First of all – The Centenary Hall 


At the south stand of that stadium, visualise an adaptable space for a range of special events, dinners, receptions and corporate exhibitions/parties.
Like most, this venue comes as a blank canvas which perfectly suits anyone wanting to adapt the space with their own specific brand or concept. 

With the flexibility there are various layouts suitable for the Centenary hall. It can be set up accordingly to preference. My favourite type of event for this room would be a reception style set up; the max capacity is up to 450 people so ideally I would certainly recommend this space for a networking event or a social/corporate party.


The Centenary Hall has panoramic views of the pitch which really gives you a great feel for the unique space that’s being offered, this is a great conversation starter for anyone attending the events, especially if you’re a fan! 
This space would also be great for a dinner and dance. It can accommodate up to 220 people. For corporate purposes, classroom & cabaret hold 200 and theatre style can fit 200.  

Now If you work in the event industry you know how amazing space can transform, when you attend it’s very unlikely you’ll see a before and after that’s why as an event personnel it’s extremely satisfying to witness and be part of. The great hall really is a great hall. Being the biggest of the spaces throughout the venue this is where all of the magic happens. Situated on the ground floor of the west stand this multipurpose function space hosts smaller events of 550 right though to large events of 1000. See for yourself on the ‘The Great Hall’ link which will direct you to the information page on the official website to see the space after it has been transformed.


From exhibitions to a formal gala dinner or large corporate function this is the most adaptable of spaces. The in-house production team create some of the most outstanding events throughout the Great Hall allowing everyone to get a feel for the real wow factor.

As I was talked through the different events that take place here I had a feel for the potential transformation. On the day of my visit the space was a completely blank and empty with just my imagination to work with.  I like to think versatile spaces like The Great Hall would be most beneficial for exhibitions; there are bar’s located inside with the option to have a ‘food’ market type of catering which is really exciting and much more different to the usual canapés or sit down meal.


I personally loved the millennium suite; it certainly had significance to it. It had everything you’d possibly need and more. Mostly ideal for meetings or private receptions/dinners. The maximum capacity accommodating 25 people reception style or 25 people in a classroom or event 10, whatever kind of event you’d wish to have here it would make everyone feel extremely important.

Not only does The Millennium suite overlook the stadium, there’s balcony access to take a moment for some air or appreciate the view; you have your own kitchen, bathroom and other facilities which personally are very beneficial, the private the better as it gives a sense of independence (if you like to be left alone to do what you’ve got to do then this is certainly the best)

The Directors Lounge – Last and certainly not least



I was simply amazed by this space, it had my name all over it… beautifully designed with simple, elegant and classy touches. Beautiful velvet seating, mirrored tables, detailed settings and a clean fresh ambience.

Seeing as this space is the directors lounge it already has excessive value and importance to the room however it came to my knowledge that the trophy cabinets were filled during events to give everyone that little extra excitement (if there isn’t enough already)

The layout capacity for these rooms range from a 150 person reception to a 48 dinner. My favourite type of event utilising this space would be a brand/product launch or party and of course a celebratory dinner.

For the L O V E of events, Chelsea FC can certainly provide unique, atmospheric versatile space for all kinds of events.

I love that even the littlest details can be adapted personally to you, your concept and brand. Elements like TV screens with your logo or even having access to the stadium.

I hope you enjoyed your read as much as I did visiting & writing about it!








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