‘Step Back to Move Forward

Good Evening All!

It’s been a short while since I’ve posted a personal motivation post but now is the time!

I seem to have unravelled my biggest life lesson within the first 22 years of living, I’ve discovered the dangerous dark trap of unhappiness (completely out of my control) All whilst I felt trapped I  discovered that happiness really is the primary foundation to living life, Living a good life at that.

I don’t want this to be some doom & gloom post nor do I require any sympathy because I love a life lesson – you live & learn right? At the end of the day everything happens for a reason, bad or good you either learn from it or you don’t and I am grateful to have experienced this now whilst I’m short on commitments and haven’t got anyone depending on me. (Hopefully never again)

Sometimes certain things that go on are inevitable, completely out of your control. You make decisions opposed to what you see and feel regardless of the glossy finishing that can manipulate the real perception of a situation, I guess what I’m trying to say is never judge a book by its cover.

I graduated early July last year, 2016. I spent the summer working for agencies in the event sector and just enjoyed the feeling of being free for the first time ever. I was actively looking for the right role to somewhat start my career, I got turned down again and again, I was also the one to be turning things down (two-way street – I had to be right for someone they had to be right for me)

Later on in the year I landed my self a role as an event coordinator which was/is ideal for me to kick-start my dream career. 6 months down the line I’ve found myself (as of today) completing the 2nd week of my notice period… yes I handed in my notice.

Now, I know a lot of people might think I’m crazy but any normal/decent person would completely understand and urge others to do the same if they were in a similar situation. I wasn’t intending on doing so, I visualised myself working hard and progressing after a year or so on… but things change (not what I hoped for or what I was ever expecting) I must add that my passion and love for the event industry hasn’t at all changed if anything it has been stronger than ever before. I love to work it is one of my favourite things to do, when you’re exceptionally passionate about something it’s not hard to wake up on a Monday & enjoy your week.

Everything must be looked at as a positive, so here are the few things I loved about the job that I am happy to carry with me for the rest of my working life.

  1. My Role & the passion . As an event coordinator you need to have a whole calibre of skills, mostly common sense. Head screwed on, pay attention to detail, be organised, time efficient, charmingly lovely and happy and have a willing attitude. Without blowing my own trumpet, that’s me down to a T. I love to speak with clients and customers on a daily basis, being their first point of contact right though the entire running of their event. I love as a coordinator you don’t seek appraisal from a manager you create your own results from the feedback you receive, it is rewarding. Peoples Happiness is your own & of course last but not least everything I’ve studied over the years and worked hard for was there in my hands, I was able to implement what I learnt in a real life scenario.

That’s all… that’s all that I loved, that’s all that I liked in fact!

Although the happiness within the role was there, it just isn’t enough for me (again without too much information) the reasons that lead me to leave my job in a reasonably unhappy circumstance are to follow. I will share what I have taken from my experience and share with you just what expectations I have for my next job.

  •  To feel like part of the team : From all levels of people within the company, I want a ‘family’ feel as such. Great support & a team that comes together actively and make things happen.

– Possibility of progression – I want to really have a hands on role and excel myself in a working environment, see & try something new everyday. I don’t want to steer away from my career path by doing things I shouldn’t be or getting recognised as something over than what I work really hard for,  I want to have the motivation and support for growth.

  •  Most importantly – Work life balance – (Everyone please listen) this is so important. Here is the life lesson right here… I don’t think it even needs an explanation, You NEED time to do things for yourself, I was not mentally prepared to have no balance…I’ll be honest, I am a happy commuter, I want to travel to the city to work because this is where it’s at so that’s not a problem even though it takes a lot of time out of my day, I was forcing myself to do something that was affecting me mentally and physically.My personal life balance was stomped on by the work side, I was taking home a tonne of anxiety, stress and unhappiness. I become distant with friends because I was always working or too tired to do anything, become a lairy little B**** with my family just because I was super stressed and took it out on those closest to me, I did nothing but moan alllllll day to my other half & My passion for work was slowly draining from me.I just completely lost myself as a person ( if anyone has or is experiencing this feel free to message me as I really want to support people who feel stuck ) and it’s really unlike me, happy-go-lucky bubbly B.I was really surprised when I started to talk to a few people about the way I felt & they’d all given me sympathy as they’ve once felt that way or currently do as well, so you’re not alone and you are certainly not a bad person for doing what’s right out of your own interest.

Commitment wise I was in a lucky position to do this as I haven’t got a mortgage, child or any mass debt/credit card loan I need to pay.

I’m stepping back into the world of unemployment so I can take ten steps forward in my next job or move within the industry, I know a lot of people frown upon job ‘hopping’ but I can help but think those that do aren’t genuinely nice understanding people, nor have they probably never experienced bad working situations either. It happens, the same with anything.. we like it; it looks great but after a while it really isn’t all that amazing and it’s not for us. Someone tell me why its a bad thing?

My point is to make sure you’re doing everything for you, everything that makes you happy and brings the best out in you. Do not feel trapped in some whirlpool along with your thoughts about if it’s the wrong or right thing to do.


I genuinely die inside thinking about sitting indoors all day everyday just frantically looking online for jobs, I want to get out there, explore and work hard on the things I feel most passionate about. I’m very optimistic about what I will achieve in the near future and don’t doubt my abilities to succeed.. I’ve already made a promise to myself that whilst I look for my next role I will be actively working on ‘Eyeful Events’

As you know my intentions as an event influencer are to nether-the-less influence others on all things events. To inspire concept and design, get behind the scenes of different venues and event space and showcase everything I love. I have some really exciting things in the pipe line for this and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time, I now am now getting back to being me. I have a list of venues and events I will be contacting directly, politely asking if they would have me down to review the space and write-up a person experience/recommendation post for EyefulEvents. I have recently been invited to my first networking event & venue show around for my beloved blog so my next post you will hear all about it!

So lovelies,
I hope this inspires others or even yourself to do what makes you happy or motivates you to move forward with something that’s been on your mind for a long time, My advice is to not be scared of the unknown, you never know where it might take you… you’re never too old to change something  F A C T , if you are not happy and not satisfied with the things you do day in and out then change it! Don’t torment yourself and get so ridiculously down that your life in all aspects becomes affected by it.

Feel Good, Be happy & Do right by you.

Time is extremely precious, one door closes another opens

x x x

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3 thoughts on “‘Step Back to Move Forward

  1. Despite, getting distracted lol. I needed to finish read this. Especially from having my degree in Media combined with events and I did the same ‘coordinator’ as work/experience. So I understood ‘exactly’ where you was coming from with your pros, cons and passion for the job and events. But I would just like to say, well done you! Yes some may read your post and still not imagine or understand, some will but only you know what is best for you and a good ‘balance’ is key. So continue to stay focused, cause I can tell from your posts you ‘will’ thrive! And I’m intrigued to read more x


    1. Thank you so so much! This is what I love to see, I really appreciate it. With any hope I would love to think I could influence others to do whats right for them and be happy!

      Exactly what you said, some will understand some won’t, its a demanding industry all round but so important to have a balance….

      Like wise, stay positive and lovely ! x x x x

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