This time 2 years ago I never see myself being involved in corporate events at all, in fact I never even considered it but ever since I graduated last year I’ve found myself working in the corporate sector and it’s really not as bad as I thought…

I feel of some kind of importance, being involved with the organising and running of a corporate event is no different to making someone’s special day at their wedding or on their birthday, there’s still high expectations and a budget it’s important to them so you have to make it important to you, All corporate events are certainly different from one another as they can range from corporate parties to corporate ‘meetings’ and everything in between. Maybe it’s the Calabria of clients you have on file, getting to meet them or just the niceness of getting to network with people in the industry and making things happen for them. I’m extremely social and outgoing so the event industry is for me 100%.

I have been considering writing a post on corporate events as they are hosted all day everyday all around the world, whether it’s a small boardroom meeting or a big networking lunch & drinks reception. I’ve identified some of the most important things I believe you will need to include or should expect at a corporate event however big or small (as a whole).

E v e r  y D a y  C o r p o r a t e N e e d s :

Registration point 

Register your delegates! The most important part of your event is the delegates right? Welcome them and even give them name badges! I know it might seem time-consuming but as an organiser it’s the best possible way of communicating with each person and finding out who they are, it also benefits them so they can identify each other as part of their event group (conversation starters are key) no matter how old you are sometimes confidence gets the better of you and the last thing you want to do is start talking to a stranger, help your group recognise one another to build the confidence they need to socialize and be confident throughout the event period.

Make it a little more appealing if and where possible, I see people are disengaged as soon as they walk through the doors and I just want them to liven up! (I’ve been one of those people oops)  Add a little goody bag relevent to your event, have a bowl for everyone to put their business cards in so everyone can have a little look and see if there is anyone else they can network with,


Event Signage

Leading on from registering your delegates, signage is the second best thing! I cannot stress to you enough how important this is. Please do it or someone will become the victim of being the physical map and it’s not nice… sometimes it’s inevitable, people are too lazy to look at signs and just ask anyway but minimise it where you can, this can also be done in a creative way, make it work for your event, think outside of the box be creative and make it fun!


Food & Drink

Okay so it might not be in everyone’s agenda to do provide this kind of luxury but wherever you can make sure drinks (coffees) and snacks are provided, even better if you can go all out and have a lunch/dinner. The only element of a corporate event that I see daily is the need for delegates to break out, drinks looooads of coffee, have a healthy balanced lunch and more breaks with afternoon cakes and goodies – A little bird once told me that people concentrate more when they have short breaks, more so when food and drink are involved.

Depending on the type of event you’re having, I think a drinks/food reception is a lovely way to wrap up the event, I guess it’s also a way of saying thank you, it is a massive incentive to also attend – it allows everyone to network and relax (be good to them)



Understandably this may also be determined by your budget but this is really is an important part of your event to get the best you can from it, regarding good results are what you need. It is important to inspire and engage the group of people you have attending, Let it be a nice experience for them make it enjoyable as well as educational. No more plain walls! Good results don’t come from comfort zones!

My favourite profile of corporate venue’s across London are ETC.Venues (These are the photos that are featured in this post) seeing as they’ve had a massive impact on my perception of corporate events I had to show you the essence of the company, the service they provide from the spaces they offer all the way through to the staff are pretty phenomenal and give us an understanding of the direction corporate events are heading now and in the near future and what we should expect when planning/attending these types of events.



Purposefully kept this one short and sweet but I hope you like it!

I have a lot lined up and im super excited to share everything with you all

Next up – motivational post – life’s choices

Hope you’ve all had a great bank holiday weekend

Happy Tuesday


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