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Another year older, wiser and happier.

The last year has been a massive learning curve, I’ve experienced a lot and achieved everything I set out to achieve. Being 21 was the greatest year to date and I’m crazy proud because it is all up from here…

Chapter 22.


For my birthday this year I got to celebrate it with the love of mine. Luckily for me my birthday was on the 13th April so had easter weekend to follow & had 5 whole days of princess treatment and celebrations. RJ had planned the entire weekend and kept it a secret right up until we did every specific little thing and for that I was really proud of him because I’m pretty persistent and needy of knowing whats going on (it’s in my blood, I’m too organised to not be in control of a situation)

FRIDAY 14th :
I was picked up in a car full of gifts & pink birthday girl balloons; cutest thing ever, I melted inside. I was extremely spoilt & got everything I needed and wanted by him & my in-laws. We spent the first half of the day in Westfield buying outfits for the weekend ahead, even though I purchased outfits I ended up taking them back (He wasn’t too impressed)

Moving on we stocked up on snacks ready for our road trip ahead into Southampton ( this was unknown until I was there, even when I was there I had no idea why we were still), We arrived at our hotel and made ourselves at home before we went for the first meal of the weekend. Both relaxed & ready to tuck into our steak & cocktails, we wrapped up the night with a nice bath for two!



I woke up still clueless with what was going on, but we ate breakfast & then got on the road again, firstly making a pit stop to Tesco, stocking up on some wholesome goodies that were obviously for a picnic of some sort. Making our way through some wonderful town and forest we reached the location & the first thing RJ asked was if I could ride a bike.. I died inside, if I’m honest I was really fuuuuming but simply because I was being a little princess and because I hadn’t been on a bike since I was about 7 and I was mortified not manage the simple task of not riding a bike. Our location was New Forest – The day was a team bonding day for RJ and I, after I got over the sulks & a few wobbles I got well into it and felt an ear to ear smile throughout the entire day.

We hired bikes to go explore New Forest, it was genuinely a wonderful experience it was so so beautiful and I’m really happy to have witnessed this part of the countryside. There were hundreds and hundreds of wild horses and animals plotted around the entire forest I was speechless and obsessed.


I wasn’t sure if it was the location, the activity or the company or in fact all three, I just felt free. We argued and laughed but most of all bonded and worked together. Our time is really precious and the more I thought about what we were doing the more I realized how perfectly he planned every little thing for us to do.

After hours of riding around reading a number coded map (that we didn’t really get the gist of) we found a little spot by a lake to sit back and refuel ourselves with a picnic and a surprise bottle of champs (MY MAN)


It’s really difficult to put down your experience when it was something only myself & RJ could reflect on as it was really personal and romantic, but all I can say is, the more I reflected on the day the more I appreciated it, it was just really special. Something not even pictures could justify.

4 or so hours and an extremely numb bum later, we made our way back to the first spot to return our bikes, the funniest experience everrrrrrr (all in the memory)… that’s all, we were both shattered and looking forward to a date night – dinner & drinks at an Italian Restaurant.


B A C A R O 

RJ had pre booked this place so again I had no input with the choice but my goodness did it top of a lovely day.

It was a really romantic setting, in-between the brick work walls & timber frames was a vibrant bar & restaurant with candle lit tables & really exciting table settings.

We were looked after by Helen, whom was fantastic! Myself and RJ were really impressed with the fantastic service she gave us, she cared about us and our experience and most of all showed her passion within her job and the food/drinks we were about to indulge in. I would also like to mention Emi, she was also assisting the table and was also really lovely and had a big impact on our dining experience here.

The menu was basically an Italian Tapas, between us we had a mixture of dishes, we went for:

Italian bean hummus & toasted bread
Pork and beef meatballs, tomato & chili sauce, toasted breads, shaved parmesan & parsley
Beef Braciola stuffed with wild mushroom, parma ham, spinach, mozzarella, truffled white wine sauce.
Crispy chilli squid, saffron tartar sauce & griddled fresh lemon

It was a perfect selection of foods, all different but certainly complimentary to one another. We would’ve gone for more but it was just the right amount, I think any more would’ve been too much and not enough room for dessert – which by the way killed me inside and took me to food heaven. RJ had the warm brownie & mint chocolate chip ice cream and I had the hazelnut and pecan cheese cake (OH MY GOD IM OBSESSED WITH THIS PLACE AND ITS SO FAR FROM HOME. NO!) anyway, it was served with birthday candles so I was really impressed.

The restaurant had a real unique touch to it, the littlest details like the menu was placed inside what seemed to be a bible and the bill was put into an antique styled book with a bowl of jelly beans on top, uhhhh could you possible do much more?!

It was literally perfect ( I can’t tell you how much it was because I didn’t get to see the bill but from what I worked out on the menu it was certainly worth every penny) it deserves a massive 10/10 and great recognition for the service that is provided.








We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, loving & spending real quality time.

It’s probably been the most relaxing birthday to date, but certainly the most meaningful.
My heart is at its fullest and I’m happiest, it’s opened my eye’s up to everything that’s to come with me & my love… I cannot wait to see the world with him and build our every success together. Biggest thank you to RJ for being the boyfriend I dreamt of, not only on my birthday but every day since the day we met.

I also would like to thank everyone for the birthday love I receieved, I was so overwhelemed and appreciative that everyone took their time to say wonderful things to me and about me!

Thank you to my family for spoiling me as always and loving & supporting me in every way possible everyday, especially through these tough days & my wonderful in-laws whom im most happiest to have in my life.


All my love,

Becky! x

PS. Sorry on the blog delay, I’ve been extremely busy & caught up with work and personal commitments, but I do have some great thing lined up! Keep your eyes peeled






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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! Your 20’s are special they have many obstacles and expericances but thats what makes you who you are and what you want to be. Enjoy them 🙂 xx

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