No7 R E V I E W

Girly lifestyle post for you all today just because I feel to show you my love for the No7 Brand and their products.

I’m a No1 dedicated customer of No7 and the products they supply. My mum is a big fan of their skin care range, seeing as she doesn’t wear make up she still finds the right product to suit her.

I was due my quarterly make up replenish over the weekend and was desperate to get down to Boots. Very often No7 have some kind of offer on their products, buy 2 get 1 free or buy two products & get a free gift set/vouchers. Luckily for me I just so happen to have got mine during their spring box set give away; buy two products get the gift set free, yay freeeebies. ‘Spring Glow Giftbox’

Now, I’m certainly not a newbie to the product, I’ve worn No7 make up for probably 7 years now, in fact since I ever started wearing makeup. I was introduced to it because I was young & the product was known to be gentle on sensitive skin, the last thing I needed and wanted at a young age was a face full of dodgy makeup!

No7 products are my default make up choice for my foundation, blusher, bronzer & primer.

I don’t usually wear eyeshadow but all of the pallets I own are also from No7. I use two types of mascara and No7 is one of them, I use the No7 Extreme Length Sensitive Eyes Mascara for my day to day use, it is ridiculously light on the eyes which is perfect for me. You can build over the first layer to apply a thicker lash, whatever you prefer. I’ve never been able to make my lashes lumpy using this mascara so that’s a massive benefit!

Although my lipstick/lip liner and lip gloss are primarily from Mac (shock) I do love a No7 lippy! They’ve got a range of beautiful striking colours in all different finishes. My favourite ones are the Matte Lip Crayon or the shine ; easy to use and have really pretty shades. These come in at £9. As seen in my photos, I got one free in the gift set!

I was also desperate to buy new make up brushes, honestly if any of you see the state of my brushes you’d all look away in shame! There was no amount of cleaning I could’ve done to them to make me save them from the death trap they encountered ..RIP

Anyhow, I’ve usually had for the technique brush collection but come across a gift set from the No7 range which was too much of a bargain to miss – in fact my boyfriend picked it up, I trust their product completely so didn’t hesitate about switching over.. the best part being that all the brushes I needed were included in the set yet the individual prices were pretty much double ! This is the No7 Core Collection Brush Set

Please excuse my make up lingo language I’m quite casual with make up and wouldn’t know where to start with the right terminology, I know as much as a 14 year old. ( Willing to accept lessons if any of you are offering)


The brushes

Foundation, Blusher, Concealer & Eyes

Comes in at £23.00 as seen in the link above.

All of the brushes are super soft but firm. When applying my foundation I found that minimal product was needed to get a nice coverage for the basis of my face, I never tend to apply a lot anyway as I like to see my natural skin (freckles) and I like to feel free from a heavy face of foundation.

The blusher brush is super soft & great to build layers on top of the make up instead of going straight in heavy !

Foundation & Concealer 


I had my Skin test done so I could be sure I get an accurate colour to suit my skin, this is a service they do free of charge so I highly recommend you have one before picking up a tone you may think is right for you.  Once you have a test you can pretty much combine all the products on the basis of your foundation colour through their colour charts, what best suits you and your complextion.

I use the No7 Instant Radiance Foundation,  For £12.50 and months of usage I literally swear by this product as it always does what it says and gives me soft looking radiant skin. This is my daily product however you can apply it a few times for a thicker coverage. On a night out I usually mix this and the No7 Airbrush Away Foundation together. Oh my! I always have compliments on how well my foundation stays on and how soft and natural it looks!

For the rough bits, my bags and deep dark areas I use the Instant Radiance liquid concealer number 30 (as seen on the colour charts provided) to compliment my foundation tone, it’s a shade lighter in order to hide all the dark areas and blemishes on the skin.

Skin Illuminator, Contour powder Pallet & Blusher

I’ve never owned a contour pallet or never actually contoured my face but I picked up the No7 Beautifully Defined Contour Kit as I thought it seemed like the best thing I could use as a try out kind of thing.

The No7 skin Illuminator was the greatest freebie, I’ve used it a couple of times now and it is so pretty! I do however top it up with my Mac Highlighter and a bit of blusher but it’s really effective.. I love a glow! The 30ml comes in at £12.50.

& Last but not least, The No7 Match Made Powder Blush is my ‘go to’ blusher, I’ve had two different shades in my make up bag for as long as I can remember and neither of them seem to be finishing anytime soon, In the spring gift set I got a voucher to for a free one so couldn’t miss adding to my collection. I now have all the colours which match my foundation.


No7 is a reliable product, it is good for your skin and does everything it says on the packaging. There is something for everyone, shades and finishes – whatever your preference I’m 100% sure its available.

You get an incredible product for the value of money. I advise you to grab the deals whilst they’re about – either way your winning from whatever is on offer.

Secondly, try before you buy – The make up artists are always happy to help and a skin match test is so so worth it, I always used to make my own judgement on what colour I would be but that was never the right choice.

Who else uses No7 ? What are your thoughts & recommendations?

I hope you all enjoyed my first make-up product review!

BC (EyefulEvents)




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