Happy #InternationalHappinessDay !!

Seeing as its #Internationalhappinessday I thought I would keep on trend and focus my blog post on the theme of happiness. I don’t really think there should be one single day devoted to happiness… Everyday should be made up of everything that makes you happy & every day you should be able to reflect on everything that in fact does.

Seeing as it’s a fairly miserable day in London City, I thought I would brighten things up with my main image ( Possibly a little childish I know ) but rainbows, love  hearts and sunshine all seemed pretty relatable to the word happiness right now… tell me if I’m wrong.

Here are a few things that really make me happy.

  • Being in love. Really genuinely being in love with the most wonderful gentleman, he brings me happiness everyday. With him I gained a second family too, they’re really special and I am so happy I have them as in-laws.

  • My family, even though like any other family its pretty broken and pretty divided they still make me happy, They support me in everything I do & look after me when I really need looking after, most grateful for the family I have.Seeing my nieces & nephew grow up to be wonderful humans makes me happiest. I am expecting to have another niece due in a few months, Auntie Becky is really H A P P Y  about that!
  • My closest friends, No matter how near or far they are, they’re my life and soul. Each friend is a reflection of who you become as a person in some way. I have a bunch of bright beautiful friends that are really supportive and understanding – even when we all have crazy busy lifestyles, when we get together its like we’ve never been apart.As for my friends that are travelling, it makes me really happy that they are living life just how it should be lived, so proud even though I miss them.
  • My P A S S I O N for my brand EyefulEvents. I love what I do. Considering this is something I build up in my spare time it keeps me focused and grounded, it’s constantly moving me in the right direction of where I want to be and where I want EyefulEvents to take me. I love the event industry crazy amounts – I cant imagine my life or future without it. Everything and everything from the sales and promotion side to final details and design and most of all, the people. Instagram – #eyefuleventsxEveryday I am either networking with people in the industry looking for peoples products or services to promote or I am looking for event inspiration to then inspire others… I want to motivate others to create wonderful events but want to ensure them that it can be done on a budget without breaking the bank (alternative options and thinking) I have a strong vision for EyefulEvents & it makes me happy building my portfolio day in and day out.
  • Food… good F O O D makes me ridiculously happy. What kind of human would I be if food wasn’t put on my happiness list.

  • Pampering myself makes me happy. I love a nightly skin regime and the weekly face mask…The monthly mani and pedi, hair cut & blowdry. After all, Being a girl makes me SOOOOOO happy. I think we’re pretty powerful individuals if we set out to be.                         

I have an endless list of things that make me happy every single day. It is so important to reflect on everything that does to keep you grounded. Never focus on the negatives, always the positives. Always do what you love & love what you do (genuine happiness is the realest)

“Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile”

What made you happy today?

What makes you happy everyday?

All My love








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