F O O D . F R I D A Y

I feel like I had to make this particular generic food post this particular Friday.  I haven’t quite captured every meal I’ve had just the best ones (because then that  would be ridiculous) but I really have lunched like an absolute queen this week and I just want to share it with you all, How kind am I?

There isn’t much I need to really say on this post, pictures speak for themselves.

MR Steak, Vegetable Ribbons & Mustard Mash

I am obsessed with mustard seasoned foods, honey roasted sausages are my dream! Mustard mash is even better!

Salmon, Boiled Eggs, Spinach and Seeds

This was a great combination of food, I really enjoyed this one!

Honey Cooked Sea Bass, Vegetable Rosti & Melted Goats Cheese ( Dribble)

I love a Rosti, especially with the melted cheese.

I hope you also like my balanced breakfast I had on Wednesday morning…

Banana, Seeds & a Raisin Pastry of some sort.

Anyhow, So I don’t make this completely the most pathetic pointless post to date I want to ask all you healthy foodie’s advice!

B E A C H B O D Y ‘ N O T ‘ R E A D Y.

I have exactly 12 weeks today until I go on my first holiday of 2017 ( & first holiday with my partner ). I am regularly training and highly active and found that meal prepping is the key and it’s something I’ve seen always genuinely seen results from, quicker than any diet or anything I’ve ever tried before but  I have a problem, I get SO bored…I do a weeks preparation and  feel extra good but then feel sick when I’m due to have the same meal again and again, but its only then think it’s acceptable to either have a bowl of nothing for dinner because I don’t want to not eat what I’m not supposed to be and then it all just gets of track until the next week.

I love food and even more so good food, I literally obsess over Joe Wicks Lean In 15 because he is honest and practical, I think he has absolutely hit the nail on the head with everything he has worked towards to pull together the Body Coach image – most importantly he’s convinced me to believe dieting is not needed to get lean, it is simply possible by being active and enjoying quick and easy home made Y U M M Y meals.

Now for your help, What to have?

What is your favourite healthy meal and your top healthy tip to get beach body ready?

If you meal prep what do you do to keep on top without getting sick of looking at the same food day in and day out?

Q & A (Comments please)


Happy Friday viewers!

Have a lovely weekend




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