Hello everyone, Welcome to EyefulEvents  for some #Spring’spiration, my must haves and faviourites of the 2017 season.

I have been super excited to get this post together, If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own event or seeking recommendations for event suppliers and services, or just interested in what I have to say… then you’re in the right place. The more I’ve updated this post over the last week I’ve also realized you can take this information and implement it within your home for day-to-day interior inspiration.

Since I started the Instagram and Twitter for EyefulEvents, I have been absolutely obsessing over the most beautiful venues, event designs, event stationary and event suppliers for favors and most of all creative decorative ideas at events.

Whether it’s a wedding, charity event, celebratory party or baby shower, you name it, the spring season gives us the opportunity to create such sophisticated, elegant and outstanding timeless events regardless if it’s a tea party for 10 or a charity event for 500.

What’s in this season?


 This season for colors and shades I’ve seen a lot of greens and blues but also really flattering bold bright colors including oranges and pinks.

I absolutely L O V E Niagara: It suggests a relaxed, classic warm tone – This is I, EyefulEvents this seasons must have!


It is really flattering and timeless, it is set to compliment other soft colours – light pinks and whites would look dreamy.

What else?

Pink Yarrow: S P R I N G?  This is the second hottest this spring…It reflects the beautifulness of spring and exposes everything about it! I have seen this colour quite a lot over the last couple of weeks especially within fashion retail.

It would look perfect for your Baby shower if you are celebrating expecting a little girl, Bridal Shower, Mothers Day tea party,Social Event, ladies day, Birthday.. You name it.


Second shade of pink : Pale Dogwood : Pure, elegant absolute C L A S S I C  – simple yet effective.


Last but certainly not least, Kale Green ( It might sound yucky and all you can imagine is a bit of Kale on the side of your plate but after all spring is all about nature and the beautiful outdoors so be sure to apply this some how…


If you look closely my 4 must have colours work really well together if you do it right! I like Kale and Pale Dogwood together and love both of the pink tones together too…

Check out Pantone Colour’s of 2017


I wanted to include my D R E A M venue to this post so everyone can admire it just as much as I currently am, I’ve literally planned my own wedding already (In my head of course).

One Marleybone

It is located in the heart of London City, My favourite place I am proud to call home.
I follow a wonderful event design and production company on Instagram called Bespoke Events and they recently shared this photo and that was it, the most incredible spring styled design in one of the most decorative elegant places I’ve set my eyes on. I have to give credit to Bespoke Events for endlessly creating the most wonderful events ever!


(Photo Repost from Bespoke Event London)

C A L L I G R A P H Y 

I’ve discovered a slight obsession with the elegant romantic hand written lettering.
Event stationery is a key part to any event, it becomes memorabilia as well – if you’re anything like me that loves to keep bits and bobs o absolutely everything.




both demonstrate the most incredible designs and concepts in which you could implement this any event, I guess the greatness is that you can pretty much have it on whatever you like so it is easily adaptable to a theme you may choose, you don’t need to have it on ordinary paper. It looks great on Place Cards, Meal Menu’s, Thank you Cards, Invitations, Cards – Whatever you fancy, after all it is your event.

(Photos Reposted from both Instagram accounts )

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 16.27.54.pngt


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 16.28.25.png

(@ohwondercalligraphy) Check out those spring colours

IN     L O V E     RIGHT NOW

This is my favourite event decor concept & absolute must have right now, I love copper – especially these copper cages and decorative elements that are now in style. These three images give you an insight to the style I’m talking about… all found on Pinterest ‘Copper Cages Event Decor’

74b3607425663ead7501c15c8e963eb3.jpg a506a1b76da7dcc352a8118b16bdd17c.jpg c40eea19e29032a00c6a7a6356ff5da8.jpg

Incorporate it with your favourite flowers and plant vines, add candles and it forms such a bold elegant spring statement, This is purposefully suitable any event or even at home to create a spring feel. Table pieces and main decorative points are literally the key to any event.

My purpose is to inspire you all, so my advice is that you can do all of this without hiring someone and spending loads on something you can’t potentially keep…you can get all of the above yourself and simply replicate it and adjust it to your own preference, just don’t be afraid to try; experiment and be creative with it. The copper cages, bulbs and frames are everywhere right now and you can always sell them on after you’ve used them or recycle them for other purposes.

I would 100% be sure to compliment these with flowers… different colours shapes and sizes. This is when you can incorporate your preferred colour scheme and style.

EyefulEvents Favourite F L O W E R S 

Call me sad but that one time I was caught up on Gossip Girl I got caught up Blair Waldorf’s love for Peonies – They’re so springy, the bulbs are wonderfully thick and would sit nicely around event designs like the copper lanterns and frames.


Secondly, Roses/Rose petals ( Are everything, any season anywhere you can’t beat them)

If you don’t have a flower preference then I would recommend going to seek professional advice in your local florist or flower market would be best, you’ll see a whole new world of flowers – some you never knew existed and you’ll fall in love with them and then you’ll know exactly whats right for you and your event.


Colombia Road Flower Market

Covent Garden Flower Market

Always a great day out checking whats about. Find the love for spring season and make sure you get the nicest new current flowers!


I can’t forget to recommend @bylauralondon , I’ve mentioned her and her work a few times so can’t miss it out on my spring must haves. Candles are timeless pieces all year round, they are warming, romantic and a global fave! Everything she does is hand-made suited to you! They would look great as decorative pieces at your event or would be wonderful favors for your guests – creating a sentimental touch in everyone’s home (photos reposted from @bylauralondon)

I’m now going to love and leave you on the note of finishing touches.

Hopefully I’ve given you an insight to this seasons event’s must haves and inspired you  to go out and experiment with different event decorative ideas. Make it personal it means so much more to toy and your guests, it becomes extremely rewarding to see the final product come together. Nothing has to be done on a high budget just put in a bit of research and you’ll bag the best deals possible to bring together your dream event.

If anyone wants some tips/advice  or deeper inspiration for their events please feel free to comment or contact me on any of my social media platforms, after all that is what I’m here for and I’m ready for some challenges… I want to help so please feel free, I’ll have to get to know you and what you like to create a must haves post for you and your event.

Twitter – @eyefulevents

Instagram – eyefuleventsx

Don’t forget to follow and support my work, I am very new to it and very excited for everything to come… this is my dream I’m chasing !

I hope you like what I’ve shared

EyefulEvents (Becky)


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