Brooklands Hotel & Spa

I never post anything negative on my blog but all I can say is, Spending Sunday evening on my sofa writing up a review on the weekend I’ve just had really isn’t where or what I want to be doing.

Brooklands Hotel & Spa

 My love had organized this stay so we were able to celebrate our first valentines together and spend some quality alone time with one another. We took a mini road trip into Surrey, where the hotel was located (Location: Weybridge, Surrey – KT13 0SL) Brooklands Spa & Hotel.

We parked up exactly at 15:00, straight into the lobby and collected our key within seconds – no hassle. First thoughts were literally ‘oh myyyy’ the design outside and inside was just extremely inviting, walking though there were people wandering around with glasses of wine in B’land bath robes & slippers, I just wanted to get in one as soon as possible.

We went to our room situated on the third floor, same floor as the Spa facilities and the gym. Walked straight in and it was just how any person would hope their room would be, comfortable, inviting, bright, decorative and spacious…

It was just so lovely.

The bed was massively dreamy, my favorite part of any hotel stay as its where I plan to spend half the time. The bathroom is my second favorite, I have some weird thing about bathrooms – I look at them as inspiration for my own home and future bathroom goals, but with no surprise the entire space was just perfect, a lovely waterfall walk in shower to perfect it.



We unpacked and admired the room for a short while until we headed down to the restaurant for our welcoming ‘Afternoon tea’. We had tea, scones & prosecco. They were presented as little heart shapes, warm & fresh (they were really special)



The afternoon was spot on, we had no intentions to go out so said we would go to the gym (which we did) & use the spa facilities

Both had a long moment in the sauna & steam rooms, relaxed in egg shaped hanging chairs & then went outside on the balcony to sit in the Jacuzzi until we developed wrinkles. Literally.


Back to the room, bathrobes on & dinner ordered! Chicken Sheesh, standard take away choice for us both, we didn’t see the point in having a relaxing weekend if we were going to get dressed up and go out for dinner so we wanted to keep it as low-key as possible in order to spend every bit of time doing nothing!

Film after film, I think the best way to describe the mood would be

 M E L T E D M A R S H M A L L O W S

After the day we had I woke up pretty sad, not realizing what I had ahead of me, first of all we went back to the restaurant for an all you can eat breakfast buffet with a selection of a full English, pastries, toasts, yoghurts, cereals, fruits, meats – you name it, it was all there, including juices & warm drinks.




From there we both went to the spa and got a full body brush and massage treatment, oh my! Stimulation and good blood circulation is just what you need after feeling completely numb and relaxed for the last 24 hours (in the best possible way )

I could’ve cried when we were leaving I really didn’t want to go.

The facilities

Not once was any part of the spa or restaurant or hotel crowded, every time we wanted to do something we were able to do it there and then… sometimes it felt like we were alone, crazy because it was a busy hotel!
Everyone obviously spends their stay differently but couldn’t help but think they were mad for not being sunk in to the steam rooms or the jacuzzi’s on the balcony however I am not at all complaining.

The staff

All really accommodating and friendly, from arrival to departure. The lady who did my treatment was really sweet & chatty.

Overall Comfort & stay

Well… I’m dreaming of still being there, so say no more.

I really am so lucky to have a compassionate, caring, thoughtful partner to have arranged everything so perfectly down to a T, I wouldn’t have wanted to be there with anyone but him, I am so grateful for him.

We both really enjoyed our stay & both said we will revisit as soon as possible, there wasn’t any little thing I could use against the hotel not one fault. I have said I don’t use negativity on here but I really wouldn’t write about something if I didn’t like it.

I genuinely recommend It for everyone – groups of people, couples, friends or even just alone for alone time. I noticed they do packages for all kinds of events inc. Mothers day experiences which is due next month !

See my insta for more pics!

Personal account – @beckyrosecarver

Work account – @eyefuleventsx

Thank you for checking in – Message me if you want any more information!



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