If you don’t already know I am all about events, from event concept to event design. I have always found a genuine interest in the industry as a whole. I graduated last summer 2016 from The University of Greenwich – I was in the business school studying towards and Event Management degree. During that time I experienced an entire range of roles in the industry and collectively gained the right skills and attributes to contribute towards a successful future.

I now work full time as an event coordinator which I love, I am in the corporate sector within a great company that has venues across London and in Birmingham, Great spaces, Great catering and professional colleagues, what more could I want? I’m never one to settle for something, a full time job in the event industry is challenging but it is rewarding, I love clients & I love making things happen BUT I just always want to be 10 steps ahead and do a little more, for me and my dreams.

I have created additional social media platforms to create a service, I want to promote, advise, review and inspire – All things events! It may seem like another instagram account or twitter account but I want to utilise these platforms to create a name, learn & expand my knowledge, network with others, get creative and write!

I want to be able to experience different events, visit venues & just show you all what its all about, if you want to support me then please do, any recommendations or questions I am all ears and eyes!

I am really excited about this and hope to have you follow and appreciate my journey… We all need to start somewhere so I start here…

Take the time to look at my accounts

Instagram – @eyefuleventsx

Twitter – @eyefulevents

FYI – Why EyefulEvents? The name came to me when I was at college – for one of my assignments I had to create a business, I believe it started as ‘Eyeful Underwear’ short after I knew events would be better as that’s where I wanted to be with my reality/future… it has stuck with me from then on and I pretty much refuse to let go of it as I genuinely believe it will be mine, the concept has moulded more and more over the years and finally figuring out what it is that I have always set out to do.

Never underestimate your limits, never worry about the thoughts and opinions of others, don’t miss opportunities because of ‘what might happen’ do you, be happy and just do what you’ve got to do.

With Love,

Becky x




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