Ugh’ Not Another Valentines Post!

Here’s to the month of LOVE.

You either love it or loathe it.


Always have, Always will. I am so smitten for romance it’s actually a little pathetic, or is it?

Regardless to this being the first year I’ve been in love in a relationship I think it’s wonderful; In or out of a relationship.

Love is in the air whether you like it or not, the buzz in the atmosphere, fully booked restaurants, shops laying out all their best underwear sets, gift ideas and what not.

But it really isn’t about spending money and that’s for sure a fact, however everyone is entitled to do what the helllaaa they want.

I personally think it’s more valuable to have something sentimental, even if it was a little dinner or an evening to experience the relationships memories, ‘Throw back’ night. Go to where you first met or do a bunch of things that you’ve done together and relive those memories you’ve made over the years/months you’ve been together.

It is very much down to you as an individual how you wish to spend your valentines,

 Some people love to be loved WITH love,

Some people love to be loved with gifts,

Some love to love with surprises, in many different ways,

(After all none of us are the same)

This year is the first year I’ve been in love in a relationship over valentines, call me smitten but I’m excited as ever, not because I expect anything but simply because I can celebrate this day of love with someone I really love. (Regardless of us being appreciative of one another and loving each other every day)

I am excited to create this post because I want to plant a little inspiration into those people that don’t have the time to create something ‘amazing’ or struggle with the concept of  making an ‘acceptable ’ amount of effort but on the other hand I want to prove to those that you don’t have to go out on the limb to buy things and book the best hotel/dinner table, Just because you feel as though you aren’t able to do something extraordinary, compromise and do everything within the comfort of your own home, there are so many ways to say I love you to your loved one.


Last Minute Gifts

For a person who is genuinely appreciative with whatever they may receive, Go all out with the traditional concepts, it may scream last min but it is still effort.

Flower delivery (to their work or home) or better yet deliver it yourself, that way you are able to go pick out the best bunch. A lovely card from the closest Clintons or if you’re not too last minute jump onto Funky Pigeon, it has saved me many of times the night before birthdays and other celebrations and I love it, better yet it is a personal touch, make it your own and personal. Lastly but not necessarily a must but a little gift of your choice, whatever you think will be nice. Speaking from experience make it exciting, buy something near to where they’ll be, send them the reference code and away they go to collect it (winner every time I can assure you) – it’s cute and bound to get the shop keepers ‘awwwww’ing at the idea.

Inexpensive gifts

My ultimate FAVE kind of gift which I will always recommend for every possible occasion is a ‘Survival kit, they’re nice and easy but very effective…

You can be as imaginative as possible or simply look online for ‘valentine survival kits’ and gather some ideas. Pintrest is usually best as it is with everything else.

Make a list and get together a little cute gift bag:

& do a little something like this…

Put in: A highlighter (Make a note, you have been the highlight of my life)

A pot of glitter (May you never lose your sparkle)

A tooth picks (To pick out the best of our memories)

Paper clip (To keep us close together)

Face mask ( A pamper night on me)

Hopefully you get the idea ^^ like I said, see the link that directs you to Pinterest for more of an understanding and a little inspiration.

I did something similar for my boyfriend at Christmas but in the advent calendar concept, one a day up until Christmas day and he really appreciated it. I honestly think this is the most wonderful idea, it is so thoughtful, considerate and really meaningful and FUN.

You can literally go into your local supermarket and grab 5-10 random items and make a little list of cheesy quotes to go along with them. As a finishing touch it is important to wrap, pack and deliver it in a special way.


Homemade gifts

As I previously mentioned in the inexpensive gift section, the valentines survival kit is my fave, it is also home made and you can make it as personal as you like

Love Scrapbooks – I HIGHLY recommended this wonderful little gift, buy an empty scrapbook (I recommend Paperchase) – Good quality product for a reasonable price.

Grab your laptop and type up loads of nice memories from the day you met into little sections so you can print and cut them out and stick them on different pages of the book, have photos printed of memories and anything and everything possibly relatable to you as a couple to stick inside – this is a winner.

Both guys and girls, no matter how long it takes there’s nothing more wonderful than showing your love in the simplest form by putting on paper the best parts of your relationship, what you remember and what you love about them.

A valentines card – Go all out and make it… even make a bar code at the back, extra touches (It’s the little things)

& to go with that, write a love letter  -f ** K the morning text, get a letter in the post ASAP. 1,2,3 pages take your time and write something nice.

CUPCAKES – Get your hands a little messy, get some decorative tools & some pretty toppings and away you go! You don’t even need to make it from scratch, just buy the pre made mixtures (in a box and add the eggs) just focus on the decorations, after all that’s the best bit.

How to Show Your Love Without Spending Money At All

 Be available, nothing more important that time, this is my favorite part because this is what I consider the most significant. Just be with each other, make it all about you. A night in, cook dinner between you both, put on some back ground music and just talk. Run a bath, lay out some candles & put on some ‘comfortable’ night clothes.

Quality time, no phones, no laptops, no work, NOTHING.

Then do what you’ve got to do, whatever you wish to do with your evening, some innocent loving… just remember to be compassionate sexy and romantic. Get that house heated.

Last but Not Least…

If you’re a guy or girl, make sure you treat your Mumma & Poppa ( If they’re single of course) A little bunch of flowers and a hamper of their fave sweet things, something nice and easy, but think of them.

Don’t overthink about your gifting, it’s not about giving its just about being there – if you have the advantage to do so then do it! Make it fun and make it exciting…I am all for sentimental, cute, romantic things… effort is priceless.

Comment below with your valentine traditions, what do you do? What’s the best thing you’ve received?

Tell All…

With Love




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