Taking you all back to August last year where I believe to think my love for breakfast may have started. It was my first kind of ‘breakfast’ date so to speak, usually would be down a local cafe with a fry up or sausage sandwich.

Situated outside Westfield Stratford – The avenue walk (Opposite tkmax) – great location entering or leaving the shopping mall.

Balans Soho Society

A cross between designs, a modern feel & nature but built up of contemporary art and interior design. They have seating area outside ( for warmer days or a bit of fresh air) or cosy seating inside.

All the staff have been really friendly every time I’ve been since then, Great quick and professional service. The different kinds of people you see inside every time reflects the genuine welcoming, Young groups, couples, families, casual, professional… you name it.

Every time I’ve been, yes I’ve had Eggs Benedict (LOVELY) – Perfect portions and the right amount of everything, I think it’s so hard to get it right! The full english breakfasts are also ‘Full’, no little portions they’re just what you need to start off your day. Whereas, I feel  having a nice breakfast from your usual bog standard cafe gives you the un necessary crappy feeling after, just like your Friday night take aways, poorly cooked food is a no go for me. This place certainly dishes up freshly cooked and tasteful dishes.

The little elements within this bar make it so lovely, the cutlery, the packets of match sticks for the candles on the tables, the decor. It puts an immersive experience into dining and that’s what I love about a lovely breakfast out.

I highly recommend Balans Soho Society

They offer a larger menu thoughout the day of cocktails, lunches and dinners (Which I am yet to try)

4* Rating from me!





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