My Beauty Regime

Skin Care

I’ve mentioned before that I am not the typical girly girl when it comes to hair and make-up but skin care products and a nice beauty regime is always something I’m willing to spend my time and money on. I often get asked “how is your skin so nice” “what make up do you use” well.. 1, I am generally a healthy person (not the healthiest but I am) I don’t smoke, I drink occasionally and rarely have a bad take away. In regards to my make up, I never use anything heavy, I use no7 foundation a bit of blusher and that’s me, if I’m honest it doesn’t interest me like most girls, I like to have radiant natural looking skin.

Over the last few weeks I have been testing out a new regime with all the body shop products I received at Christmas (They were on my Christmas list, I must’ve been good for Santa to supply the goods AND even more than I asked for) anyhow..

Every Sunday, I will routinely use Malaysian Purifying Mud Mask (as seen below)

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 06.27.05.png

As required, don’t do it everyday of the week, Which I think personally is enough it can be quite intense and as we all know it’s nice to designate a day for full on pampering.

At £16 you get a 100ml pot which is enough to last a good few months, I have also go the face mask brush to help control the amount of product I am using, you don’t need to go crazy, just cover. I left it on for about 10-15 minutes and the mud dried up and made me unmovable. I have a strange sense of smell and actually enjoyed the freshness of the mud. I washed it off and I honestly had the smoothest face, a better result than originally expected. The softness literally stayed for a few days too. I have recommended this to all of my friends and recently posted it on my social media platforms and everyone seems to agree with the results. I did ask for this product as I see a lot of positive reviews on it and I did wonder how my skin would take to it. After all, how wrong can you go with natural products?

My other FAVIOUTE facemask is the ‘British rose fresh Plumping mask’– this one is a gel and It smells incredible. As this facemask is  a plumping mask, it again makes you feel 10x radiant and does exactly what it says on the packaging.

My daily regime

In the mornings: 

This might sound bizarre but I never actually wash my face with shower gel or soap. NEVER It dries out my skin and irritates like hell, hopefully most agree… In the morning I have a rewash (from the night before) –

The facial wash I use is the vitamin E collection, again from the Body Shop – It is light and creamy ; this is £7.50 for 125ml. I apply this product with my fingers with a circular motion, brush my teeth then wash it off.

After I’ve washed my face I apply the vitamin E moisturising cream, which is £13 for 100ml. I blot this around my face (minimal needed) and then use No7 beautiful skin Cleansing brush Brush

Now to keep things fresh and to give my skin time to absorb the treatment, I don’t put any make up on until I get into work 2/3 hours later and my skin is always radiant and fresh, I always find that my foundation takes well after the entire regime.

In the evenings

I use the cleansing water/cream,  again part of the vitamin e collection. The cream cleanser helps remove my make up and/or dirty skin, I find my commutes to work and my days at work make my skin quite oily and grubby.. This cleanser always leaves my skin nice, just as expect due to the good results from the other products.

From that I repeat my morning routine. I tend not to overdo it with the cleansing brush just in case it damages my skin and I pretty much keep this up daily now and it really makes a difference.

I love The Body Shop & I love No7, so underrated and deserves positive reviews forever more.

I hope you all enjoyed my first ever ‘official’ product review!

I am interested in hearing your comments, Do you have any recommendations? Experienced any of these products? Let me know!

With Love, Becky



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