NYE : Date Night & Restaurant Review

First of all, Happy New Year to you all!
What an amazing year 2016 was, It literally flew by because of how jam-packed it was of highs, lows, tears and laugher, hard work & determination, most of all a lot of passion and love.

I achieved so so much last year, got everything I wanted and more so couldn’t have finished my year any better.

I normally do the whole party scene for about 3 days over the new year, spend ridiculous money & feel really shitty for days but I wanted to see in the new year with my boyfriend; start as you mean to go on. Its not about what you do, its all about who you’re with & at the end of a rocky year, I wanted to spend it with the person who helped me in so many ways finish 2016 the happiest I could possibly be.

We spent the morning shopping ( I say we, He did all the finding and buying and I couldn’t find a thing) typical… then onto spend some time at the in-laws, we got home got ready and headed out early doors for our reservation time of 5 o’clock, which was early BUT we had minimal option as we booked it less than 24 hours before…

Recommendation; The restaurant we went to was Cafe Du Soleil in Canterbury, it was literally so beautiful, the exterior design was so simple but effective, a traditional brick work building with a little bridge to gain access over a little river!

Inside was extremely welcoming, it was warm cosy and perfectly romantic for a NYE occasion or so to speak any date night/celebration. I think this must have been my first ‘dine out’ candle lit dinner experience as well so it was certainly a winner for me.

We both shared a calamari starters :











Had the most desirable 15747726_1046057402188066_6308059813439580053_n.jpgmains:
















& Finished it off with a lovely desserts;


It was possibly one of the nicest meals I had, as well as having the company of my best friend I couldn’t have enjoyed it much more than I did, we both love our food and it was massively rated. I highly recommend this place, there was many options for dishes and beverages, they also have a dish of the day.

After a well spent dining experience, myself and my love went back to his house and spent a few hours with the in-laws. We headed to the pub to see the new year in with a couple of his friends ( which I had then just met)

Most relaxing, happiest NYE to date & it was so lighthearted and wonderful!

Next year I’m 100% considering being away, visiting another city – more experiences required!

What did you all do for Nye/Nyd? What would you also recommend?

Exciting new blog post following this one, Goals from 2017 (Law of attraction)

With love











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