Winter Wonderland 2016

The most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is all about traditions & up lifting festive spirits, the excitement is extremely comforting for me.

Every year it is an absolute MUST that I go to visit Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park. I’ve been every year since I can remember and it gets more and more exciting, no matter who you go with there is always something to do. Drink and dance with friends, play games & go on rides with the family, drink mulled wine with your other half and get cosy and romantic, literally there’s something there for everyone, it’s so magical. (Plus its free)

You can buy tickets for the circus shows, nut cracker, to drink in the ice bar or even see the ice kingdom or just walk around and look at the lovely cabin stools with home-made presents & beautiful gifts.

Amongst all the things to do there’s always a wonderful atmosphere, London’s quite moody and I genuinely think it’s a depressing place when everyone’s pacing around for their 9-5 job in the rush hours, BUT I know christmas here everyones happy and its so beautiful to see so many smily faces in one place.

2016 I attended with my other half, Our first time/first christmas together so its one to put on the memory list. We did the whole thing, We sat and indulged in PROPER hotdogs and burgers, drank festive drinks, had a dance & sing a long ( around the whole place ) played some games & actually won the softest teddy bear after 1000 attempts, I’m so in love with him. (the teddy that is). I had the best time even in the rainy weather, what would Winter Wonderland be without a bit of winter weather!














Next year id love to go to another city and explore the christmas markets there, see how other places celebrate & involve myself in their traditions..

What are your Christmas traditions?

Food, Presents, routine, places to visit.. I want to know them all no matter where you’re from in the world.




















MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE……I hope the weekend is as magical as you dream it will be x


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