Date Weekend ‘ Home Retreat

There’s something about the way I feel for him that makes all the things I probably wouldn’t have imagined doing months and months back like ‘natural’ nature right now, Before hand I couldnt imagine spending weekends indoors and actually enjoying it, sharing my bed, feeling happy from the moment I wake up to the moment I go back to sleep and having the challenge of being so independent to letting someone in and being part of your life and making them a priority above yourself.

Never forget that the people around you are a true reflection of you and I’m so so genuinely proud and honestly so happy to be able to say someone as supportive, motivating, determined, assertive and most of all loving is my boyfriend.

A couple of weekends back we chose to have a whole weekend in chilling, eating, chatting and loving. Now this is my kind of vibe right now, I honestly don’t get why people would rather go out every weekend and spend money on meals, travel etc when you can be in the comfort of your own home with only company you want ( or maybe im just getting old and serious)

ANYWAY. Our POA for the weekend was to just chill.

Friday night was Pizza Hut night, after a long drive home from London after our days at work it was well needed, proably more so for him as he was the one driving and listening to me singing the entire way.
The whole night we were Absolutely marshmallowed (Flat out relaxed)

Saturday we spent hours food shopping just for the ONE night and breakfast the following morning, typical us ( To be fair, I was supposed to write a shopping list but whatever)
We got comfortable, had lunch, had a beer and there we were all ready to watch football (standard girlfriend duties of course)

Following the match, Rob started cooking dinner, this was a BIG deal as it was the first time in our relationship he had literally cooked, Three course, Candles and presentation, what a beauty.

Scampi & Lemon starter












Steak, Chips, Asparagus and corn on the cob. (UNREAL)
I was so proud, It confirmed I possibly had a decent one on my hands, little did he know id be expecting this often.















Now for afters ( I would 100% reccomend this for everyone)

Chocolate testing

We got 5 different bars of chocolate to test out from our local super market and made a little tester platter, to not mix the tastes of chocolate we had some plain biscuits to eat after we tried a piece of chocolate.

We then took it in turns to blind fold each other and taste the chocolate one by one (I’ve attached a hyperlink above so that you can see how to do it from home or at least get some ideas from it.

It’s actually so cheesy but it was so exciting as well as being satisfied by the selection of chocolates we had. Not only that it’s a nice way to interact with one another and actually use your senses accordingly and actually appreciate what was going on.

After a lovely evening we concluded with a pamper evening and films…

I LOVE date nights especially when they’re spent with maximum effort but very little money put in, Especially with the winter season and christmas approaching some things are just necessary.

What kind of date ideas do you all have? What works for you and your partner?

Christmas countdown is on.. Winter Wonderland Hyde Park for our next one…





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