Date Weekend ‘ LDN City Break

Reviews and recommendations.

As October has come around super fast it has come to realisation that its time to start having more cosy nights in, less spending and more saving. Before we know it christmas will be here but we had to squeeze in one big weekend before we do so.

Weekend schedule

  • Breakfast – Bills
  • London Eye – Champaign experience
  • Dinner – Angus steakhouse, Leicester Square
  • Hotel – Novotel Brentford
  • Breakfast – Café Rouge

This weekend was ‘pt one’ of meeting my partners family, His lovely sister and her partner. It is something that’s really important for me so the nerves had kicked in but an hour in and everything was fine!

We started our Saturday with breakfast in Bluewater, Bills
Usually I’m one to take a picture of my food but I didn’t, As always I went for the Royale eggs, officially addicted to poached eggs and salmon I crave it pretty much every weekend.
Presentation was a 10 but other wise I rate it a 6/10, It filled a hole but my eggs weren’t runny and it was just all round average.
I wouldn’t dismiss it completely so I would go back and try something again!

We drove into London, Brentford to go check into our hotel, Novotel Brentford
We had a superior room which was beautiful! It had the right amount of everything.
The bed was dreamy with cosy pillows, Sky Tv and films, lovely bathroom with a waterfall walk in shower and the option to have  clear or frosted glass looking into the room.. Tea selection, waters, a lot of spare space PLUS full use of the gym and spa facilities.
It honestly was just perfect, it had a touch of elegance, intimacy, refreshment and beauty!
I would highly recommend, assuming most Novotel hotels are the same, 100% worth looking at.












Our next stop was Westminster where we took a walk over to the London Eye, Before we collected our tickets we had a cocktail and snack at The Locale Bar 


















Our next part was to collect our champaign experience tickets for the London Eye.

If you check out the link you’ll see the different experiences they do, I would personally recommend that little extra bit to your usual experience to break up your London viewing.
It was certainly an experience for me to remember so id give it a solid 10/10.
The weather wasn’t too great however the rain held out until we was about to get off which was lucky, I would also recommend booking in advance the line was ridiculous I wouldn’t have wanted to wait in it personally and we were there at 430pm.





























Obviously the next stop was dinner, We headed over to Leicester Square into Angus Steakhouse

Probably the best choice after a day out in London, We all fully put ourselves in the ultimate food comas. There was a lot to choose from on the menu, couldn’t make up my mind… We went for 2 of the sharing starters and a main course each… to my knowledge everyone enjoyed their meal, everything was cleaned of each plate so I again would rate this a 10.
The service was great considering how busy it was and we were seated in probably the best seats so not at all one compliant.


Back to the hotel I LOVE!

Chills and quality time with the man, Saturday night through till Sunday mid-day. Perfectó
















I couldn’t have dreamt of a better weekend, I appreciate the little things but this was massive…With smiles from ear to ear, I can say this weekend was spent well with the loveliest people, tastiest food, bucket list experiences, laughter and relaxation.. it was the most wonderful weekend EVER.

I’m very ready for the cosy date nights in now the colder weather has approached us, What could we do?!

I would highly recommend all of the above, doesn’t need to be with a partner, can be with friends and family… It is very refreshing to have time well spend in lovely places…

Happy Monday!




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