Date Day ‘ Essex ‘

My favourite kind of days.

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When: 17th September 2016

With whom: My only one

Where: Essex


As the colder season is upon us and our temperamental weather is out in force, days out become more limited… but the fun continues.

Best way to start the day.

Grand central Bar & Grill : From the menu we had the ‘English man in New York’ & a side of pancakes, because well.. sometimes you’ve just got to be a pig. The American styled restaurant has its cosy booths, nice and intimate if its just the two of you. ‘Booth 40’
To top it off we had a wonderful service by Sharon, very kind helpful and happy (Helps us have a good start to the day).

Top golf : Now if you follow my posts you’ll see that I’ve wanted to go top golf for a long time, I guessed it could’ve been a hidden talent of mine as I’m yet to discover one…Anyhow, we went, had a few drinks and relaxed before our game… I literally had such a good time but the joke was on me really, for some reason I just wasn’t that good.

My darling date claimed he weren’t that good but done a little more than OK.
( I recommend going, its a laugh, you don’t need to be pro just give it a go BUT to anyone reading this I wouldn’t advice it for a first date because i can imagine the humiliation being quite ground swallowing even if it is just for a bit of fun or better yet just get blind drunk )


‘Sunny Southend’ : Grab some change and head to the arcades, place some bets and play some games.. team bonding and all that.
After we went and grabbed some sausage and chips and sat by the seafront, drinky doughnuts for desert
All very cliche i know, but these are all things I’ve wanted to do and i got to do it!

Yayayyy, Its literally just the little things in life at the end of the day, time together with someone special is time spent well.

Happy Sunday viewers
Hope you’re ready for the week ahead.
All my love




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