What to do when all you’ve got to give is…


There is nothing worse than having your independence taken from you, especially financially.

So whats it like to be broke enough to not even have a budget?

Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t

I’m genuinely not a materialistic person but I’ve never gone without, I work for what I want and get it, but that’s all changed… I’m DYING to get my autumn wardrobe together, potentially a few day trips planned and nights out most of all get saving behind me and get the ball rolling with my long term goals..but no, not for me, not today not for a while… first time in YEARS I’ve been unemployed and out of education and I can tell all of you this for free… its mind numbingly boring, tedious and upsetting.

It was probably a week before the MR’s birthday I sat there and thought, ‘DA FU*K DO I DO NOW’  I have nothing to give him, this poor guy does everything and more for me and I can’t even pull together a birthday plan for him.

I feel frustrated and bloody embarrassed! I am the most generous, thoughtful person so all I wanted to do was make sure I could spoil him and make his birthday really special… but it only come to my realisation that you’ve just got to think and make things happen….

So to all of you, my lovely ladies and gentlemen, listen up ! If you are in the same kind of situation and you want or feel the need to do something for someone but literally haven’t got the finances to do so, use your initiative.. What do they do? What do they love?

Everyone will be different, you’ll have resources on hand that others may not but this is why making it personal will be their kind of special…

The day of birth / Birthday on a budget

Luckily he was staying at mine but had the day at work, so I ran around like an absolute chicken all day sorting this and that. Prior to this day, I reserved the sky room of my flat which overlooks our lovely London city.

First things first, bake the cake ! Chocolate cake and decorate it with all of his favourite chocolates. It was stupidly simple and id probably recommend it for anyone to do, Get a basic online recipe, assemble it and decorate it!


Chocolate cake, Decorated with ; chocolate fingers, Aero, Crunchie, Oreo, Twix , Milka, maltesters and minstrels.

Buy some coloured ribbon and away you go! See it closer 


Then for the main part.. I decorated the sky room (With the view) specially for his birthday..

To be honest time was running out and my head was going at the stage…Stress central (TIP : Plan sufficiently, preferably get things done before hand as well..)

  • I put together a box with a couple of personalised presents inside, like a little gift bag of treats.. do this, obviously make it apply to them.
  • I got a  ‘Funky pigeon’ card ordered and personalised it to him…but better yet save some pennies, you could make one yourself, bit of card pack of pencils and away you go, make a bar code at the back just to make a little joke out of it.
  • I had to add a bottle of bubbles to the night, (Make do with what you’ve got, it won’t hurt)
  • I got some blue glasses, just to add the blue theme..( Couple of ££ from Tiger )
  • Birthday balloons and decorations were dotted about – again, ££ from party shops and other convenient stores.
  • Make a music playlist ( I chose Frank Ocean, got his new album didn’t I)

Then I got the dinner on..

I went for his favourite starters, olives, hummus and pita. Easy peasy

Main course : Home made sausage meat meat balls, chorizo pasta bake. There are endless recipes online, but if you’re like me just experiment with food and go with it!

I do however recommend to make the meat balls with sausage meat, go get some finest sausages ( You know the tasty finest ones with herbs and stuff inside…) Cut the skin remove it and put the meat in a bowl, mix it with other herbs and some breadcrumbs, roll them into balls and away you go! LOVELY.

I much preferred doing them this way than using minced beef (yuck)


& away the night went…

Not even blowing my own trumpet but myself and Rob had such a lovely evening, it was very entertaining to say the least, well.. I was very entertaining.. but he enjoyed the night and I felt it was a success… I was so nervous with how it was going to end up and it wasn’t going to be enough, I literally didn’t know what he was going to think of it but all the effort and running around was worth it.

I want to just tell everyone to not feel how I did, if they care they understand.. Any decent person shouldn’t expect to be taken to the nicest restaurant and get all these luxury gifts anyway, I’m so appreciative to have such a kind gentleman by my side, he knows id do everything for him again everyday! When situations are a little better ill be repaying him certainly.

Little life style hacks, follow me on Instagram @beckyrosecarver – let me know on a photo you’re a WordPress blogger and ill follow you back! I keep my page regularly updated so you’ll get to see much more of eyeful events day-to-day.

What have you done for someone without spending loads of money? What do you recommend to the rest of us? 

Never doubt yourself and your ability to make someone happy.

Love B




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