Ibiza blues saved ‘ Date weekend

  • Just for the cuteness (IM SO HAPPY I CANT CONTAIN MYSELF)
  • Spa recommendation
  • Breakfast recommendation (foodies)

There is literally nothing worse than landing back in the UK after a three-week holiday to Ibiza, more reasons than one but this time it was a LITTLE different…

I’ll cut all the soppy sh*t but coming home to someone saved the blues massively, I just assumed id get home, wait for him to come back from work, eat cuddle and catch up.. but no, that effort and that extra mile…

I was surprised at the airport (awww he cute) –

taken home…to a lovely clean flat, a lovely bunch of my favourite flowers and lunch PERFECT.. I was certainly distracted, at this point id usually be crying on my bed flicking through my photos…


Again he went that extra mile and thought about my needs (As well as his own) but he planned a spa day for the both of us the following day, now if that isn’t a darling and half I don’t know what is..


We went to the Amida spa in Beckenham, We had massage treatments, full use of the spa facilities and a lovely lunch and beverage. For a Saturday it was strangely quiet, not many people but perfect for us to spend some time together without loads of people around us…



I chose the chilli for my lunch and he had the burger with a beer and glass of wine..I was to excited to eat and forgot to take a photo before.. but this was a PERFECT Saturday of satisfaction, I was/am generally happy to be home (never thought id say this)

After the spa we headed back home… the relaxing evening continued..

The following morning we had a little breakfast date, I was dying to try out this place next to mine, Balans Soho Society / Good choice may I add.. I have literally fell in love with the restaurant, I’ve recommended it to everyone since and even gone back a few times after,

My decision was hard but I had to go for the ‘Eggs Benedict’ seeing as I was a virgin to it but my good god I was over the moon.

The restaurant setting was homely, both inside and outside – seeing as it was a lovely morning we chose to sit out, the decorations and interior was also very different and appealing, as you can see from the photo below even the knives and forks excited the life out of me HOW CUTE 

Not forgetting my hot chocolate, all I could think is how does one possibly perfect a drink like this


This was literally one of the nicest weekends and it made it so easy to forget about my Ibiza blues, like what even does that mean?

Great food, Great company, relaxation and happiness.. Keys to life. I’m very happy and lucky to have met this beautiful soul. He is special

IF anyone has any recommendations for date nights, places to go, places to eat or drink ( In London) then leave the comments below !  I want to hear and see yours 🙂

Much love




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