Ibiza 16′ August

I’ll make this one short and sweet because there’s only so many times I can post about my Ibiza trips… (One to many)

But the time had come for me to do my long trip to the island to spend it with some of my favorite people, attend some of my favorite events, listen to amazing music and experience the


Instead of paragraphs ill interact with photographs.. like I said, keep it short and sweet


LOVED off some villas within the three weeks I was there, all about the friends that become family, the after parties that get weird and the tanning sessions by the pool.. It really is a dream world, I am so in love with it.



Nights like these, making dens on the roof top with my sisterssssss… Films and other fun things..


Breakfast on the west end, people watching ( the best place to do so ) chilling and eating with the familia…


Shout out to the nice new gaff in San an, HUNZA HUNZA HUNZA Healthy, cheap and yummy !


It’s all in the daiquiri, Golden buddha and the girl ! Lindsey Matthews (I got to see her, one of my best friends play in Sankeys Ibiza, proud proud moment )


Might knock it but it’s always a fun, drunk dramatic day out at Ocean Beach and I LOVE IT


I actually took this on my iPhone, shocker.. Literally one of the most beautiful settings, the island never seems to surprise me with its beauty, no matter how many times I go. ( IBIZA HAS ITS OWN STONE HENGE ) I don’t know much about it but here’s a link to tell you a bit more, just incase you fancy a little visit.. the next photo was also in the same location…(here)


All about the art work, Money shot sisters…..

and then I will save the best till last…


I literally feel like I waited all summer for this one night…

Did it disappoint? Absolutely not, I can’t justify the perfection of the evening, being around some of your nearest and dearest, at one of your fave events in one of your fave clubs… Every little thing was to perfection, wasnt to crowded but it was a perfect amount of the right people and the music was literally blowing minds..



Here they are… Nice bunch of sorts.


Thats that with my three-week journey, obviously I cant disclose all Ibiza gossip because THAT would be telling…

Go see and do for yourself



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