Temporarily Temping



This is entirely my own opinion and my perception of temp work, personally I see it as an amazing opportunity on a basis of getting extra money, supporting yourself if you find yourself out of work or not wanting to tie yourself down with a permanent long-term role.

  1. YOUR choice – You send in your availability for the week/month, you get contacted with shifts they have available and then it is completely up to you if you want to work or not… Now like I said, having control of that is extremely beneficial for you for whatever reason you wish to start temping, if you want to take every job given then go ahead, got plans and can’t work? Not a problem.YOU are in control. You can make time for yourself and your social life, studies or another job in general, this is a massive benefit for me as im sure it would be for many of you looking to do the same..Lovely Jubs
  2. Experience  absolutely crucial in every way possible, not only is it the practical first hand ‘experience’ you gain, it is also the skills and knowledge you will pick up working  around different places in different venues with differnt customers, clients and management. Now if you’re looking to go into catering join a catering agency same as if you want to proceed a career in fashion, join a luxury retail brand.Search and make sure it will benefit you in more ways than just an extra bit of money, its nice to do something you actually enjoy. I have worked for some amazing places so far, the list of my jobs will be added at the end of the blog post so I am able to update it as of when I work for a new place or differnt type of event.
  3. Networking – Now this is so so important if you’re looking for a full-time job, temping in places that are most relevent to you will give you many opportunities to create relationships with people within the industry… just be good to them, it’s not what you know it’s who you know.. literally never forget that.
  4. Friendships – it’s always nice turning up to a shift and seeing a familiar face because new environments can be daunting to some people but you’d have to get used to that as a temp worker ! but anyhow, a familiar face is always nice, but if you’re a genuinely nice person you will get on with all the other members of the temp team, its like a weird kind of friendship, you are so on the same level experiencing the same emotions, you literally stick together like a pack of wolves.
  5. The exciting bits – it is literally laughable the things you get up to on a shift, some are mind numingly boring and some are exciting as hell… but what can I say, that’s just life itself. There will be some shifts where everyone’s on the same level of hungry so we would either make friends with the chefs to get a little treat here and there OR we would turn into little Kim impossible and find way to feed ourselves..The endless jokes you have with each other, the freebies you usually get after a shift, the exciting venues, the experiences are always different to the others and it literally is what you make of it, a few hours at work for extra cash or enjoy it for what it is and at the end of the day when you’re at a shift do what you’ve got to do, because at the end of the day it’s not your everyday job you won’t be going back there the next morning (mostly)


  1. Attitude – I don’t know what it is and why most people think its acceptable but a lot of the managers or people you work with literally feel the need to look down on you purely because you come from an agency, I’ve had so many arguments and disagreements with people because they think very little of you. I personally don’t stand for it, don’t take offence either bite your tongue or bite back. It can be very isolating and there are times you feel extremely disrespected and no one ever wants to feel that way…
  2. Wages – Now I’m not disregarding the fact you get paid every Friday (which is amazing) BUT you pull quite a bit of weight for a shift you’ll be working £7.2o ph for, now i don’t know if it’s just me but that’s not ideal however some events classified as ‘VIP’ the wage may be a little higher… but you do have to do much more work than you are credited for.
  3. Tasks – Some shifts you may be waitressing in some fancy venue smiling and communicating with guests but other times you are literally alone in a cloak room or stewarding, honestly its just not all that you expect sometimes so expect  minimal always…
  4. The nitty-gritty bits – some times the hours are crappy the late finishes leaving you to get on the night bus back home, some places don’t feed you or give you drinks and you literally spend the whole shift moaning (supply yourself with lunch just incase, my lesson is finally learnt) and sometimes the uniforms are the least flattering things ever.. I just cant deal with some of them.. ew

This was all i had to say about the pros and cons of temping, from my OWN perspective, be sure to comment your experiences, pros and cons also..I would also br willing to answer any questions anyone might have in regards to temping

It has served me well for a short while but I wouldn’t recommend it on a long-term basis, I’ve worked at some amazing venues that I would’ve only dreamt of so I’m very grateful for that, the experiences and people i have met so far have been amazing so do what you’ve got to do to get by and get a bit of experience behind you !!

Don’t forget to comment! Happy temping !

Love Becky



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