Yves Saint Laurent Masterclass Event

It’s a nice world in a girls world

Nothing seemed more appealing than a pamper day when I woke up on this fine Friday morning and that is what I got exactly.

Myself and a plus one was invited over to Debenhams Westfield Shepherds Bush London to attend a YSL masterclass – When myself and my friend Meg arrived, we were greeted with Champaign and chocolates, now my day would’ve ended happily there and then, However it had only just started! Two lovely YSL mua’s welcomed us got us seated and proceeded with the class…

Now first things first, I really need to say hair and beauty/makeup isn’t at all my strong point, i am the ungirliest girly girl ever, literally useless at it all.. I have the bare minimum in my beauty bag, I just apply it all and hope for the best.. so yeah that’s me, Masterclasses are everything.

We got to drink and eat and watch a tutorial of the products, what they do and how to apply it (seems it but it’s not that easy)

I have endless recommendations for YSL products from loads of girls every week but I just never get round to trying and buying for myself, because like I said im a plain jane! I have stuck to my No7 products for years and years (NOT saying its plain and boring, No7 will always and forever be my thing, its incredible to my skin and I love it) however nows my time to experiment new products and see the benefits it will have for me.

The class was successful, I was able to ask questions and see first hand how to do all whats right in the world of beauty.. both ladies looked flawless themselves so we could only trust the professionals..

I have decided i want to teach myself often enough with different colour differnt tones and shades and see how i can transform my look…certainly on a mission to perfect my brows.

We ended the session with testers more cava and little gifts ( which I LOVED ) I ended up buying a few products for myself, the start of a beautiful little YSL collection – the gold compact packaging is to die for…

I went for these two products simply because I would have most use out of them and because I would’ve walked away being annoyed that I never got either of them…

I will do a follow-up blog on my own experimental experience with these products and see how I get on with them..

I would LOVE everyone’s tips, advice and recommendations for more YSL products and applications, send over your blogs or your tutorials !

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend





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