Off Week Sonar X Barcelona

Now for anyone that doesn’t know what Off week Barcelona is, it is a week festival for people all over the world to get together to celebrate some of the worlds best electronic music, DJ’s and producers lay down their finest ones & twos for different events in different locations around Barcelona in unique venues.

Literally if I would’ve put on paper what my ideal week would’ve looked like, the Off Week so closely delivered, all but ONE thing, the weather.. it held out luckily when it come to the parties but my goodness, no one wants rain on a weeks holiday to a predominantly outdoor festival.. other than that everything was perfectly spot on.


The best company –
Solid reunion from friends all over the UK and then some literally come together to celebrate in the same week which was incredible.

My favourite events and my best DJ’s –
Nothing is as powerful as music its a primary motivational element to any dance event (Of course) but all week every single party delivered, it was incredible !

  • Day 1 – RpR @ Poble Espanyol (Will always be in my top 5 fave events wherever it may be
  • Day 2 – Circo Loco , Need i say much more… Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Apollonia not only was the day/night enough the AFTER PARTY VIBES WERE EVERYTHING !!!
  • Day 3 – Halfbaked pool party – this was seriously busy but later on in the evening it had one of the most uplifting atmospheres ever
  • Day 4 – THIS WAS D DAY ( for me anyway ) El Row followed by Fuse – Apart from the extreme over capacitated venue for El Row, and the hassle of getting to FUSE from there, it was literally the most amazing way to end the festive week.

Must I say the drinks served were on another level, worth the prices 100% one down and i was half way down myself.

There was something in the air, Barcelona was a really beautiful city with the most relaxing vibe, regardless of all the partying and what not.. The streets were busy but it was just calm, it works some how… Everyone was in it for their pure satisfaction, The events and the music brought everyone together and the feelings were just immense, the excitement and energy from each person was just uplifting.

We stayed in a little hostel which was interesting to say the least, the couple spoke no English what so ever but fairs fair i suppose, neither of us could speak their language… The hostel was well located and i would certainly recommend to stay in a hostel if you have no intentions of spending much time in there other than bedtime..

Travelling around to and from a place was insane, flagging down a taxi was like mission impossible so if you ever intend on going be prepared !

After the festival had finished we spontaneously booked a ferry to head over to Ibiza to finish of the week and catch Tini at underground, Paradise opening and catch up with other shenanigans; most of all to see my season babies !!

But other than that the festival was everything, literally had the sickest time and highly recommend it to those who really do love the music and events! Good vibes only.

My trip in pics 









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