I always doubt myself, I doubt everything and everyone all the time but it seems not to be such a bad thing after all.
I am currently reading a book on creative thinking and one chapter is ” doubt everything all the time” quite self-explanatory really…
However I’ve proven to myself it’s not a bad thing either, because I made it… achieving more than I ever expected, Ive also proven those wrong who also doubted me, I guess their doubt was part of my motivation.. so thank you !

Those that have already or are currently working towards a degree will understand the endless challenges and pressures that come with it. University will never just be fun and games, boozy nights and take aways. Certainly wasn’t for me anyway.

It has been what only I can describe as a battle field of emotions, one day good the other day bad! Not only have you got the pressure of getting a degree good enough to actually show off, you have to work alongside it to support yourself in every other way (unless you’re a lucky one )

I won’t go into detail with the university struggles because I’m here for a positive post, so I will say this…

Although it has been tough, starting university has changed my life for the absolute best.
I have gone from a girl to an independent woman, I have met life long friends, I have experienced an amazing amount of job roles, I had doors open for me that would never have done so otherwise and I have lived in the most loveliest home..

I succeeded, I blossomed and most of all I become me and that is one very amazingly happy girl.

I wish I could sit here and thank every person individually that has supported me, my wonderful friends old and new, my family for pulling me up and guiding me through physically emotionally and financially ; Those on the course even if it was one time or everyday, you know who you are – I have so much love to give, I’m so grateful.




I am incredibly proud of the 2016 graduates – What an amazing three years we spent together! I am extremely overwhelmed with how fast it come around and how incredibly beautiful our graduation was… We literally couldn’t have ended it on a better note ; So thank you all again for being supportive, strong and motivational – I will hold my university experience so strongly in my heart for the rest of my life, only you will understand if you experience it for yourself… we did it, we really did it and now its our time to go get what we have been dreaming of for so long, i bless you and wish you all the best, luck love and happiness whatever it may be because y’all deserve it. Those that I’m not so close to, we may end up working together someday, as well as those that will be in my life forever ; I cant wait to see what the future holds for us all, I’m so excited!

Be creative
Be an inspiration
Work hard
Never give up
Be passionate
Be happy
Chase your dreams

If anyone is considering going to uni or has any questions about anything, fire away ! I am always willing to help – Follow my Instagram to see what I do from here @beckyrosecarver


The University Of Greenwich 2013-2016









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