Although it’s taken me a good few weeks to actually sit and write this post i am almost as excited to write this about Rome as I was to be in Rome itself.

Since forever Italy has had a secure place on my bucket list, Now obviously Rome is the first part of an actual dream come true for me.

“When in Rome, Do as the Romans do”

Dates: 29th May – 3rd June

Hotel: Hotel Turner (perfect for couples friends and families regarding they’re young adults or older) 


Inside the hotel down to the breakfast room!


The breakfast room views

This was a wonderful 21st birthday gift from my queen mother Susan, it has been years since we had spent that much time together so it was extremely important to regain that bond.

I didn’t want to create this post in the form of a diary but more of a presentation of my experiences, my own recommendations do’s and do nots..

Firstly I just need to make it clear how wonderfully beautiful my experience in Rome was, literally a dream come true for me without any exaggerations, all expectations were met.

We got to Rome late Sunday and flew home late Friday so we had a good 5 days to complete everything on our to do list.

I didn’t realise how short the distances between the main sites and attractions were from one another however with that being said, my mum and I am are active people; both enjoy walking and what not so it may work for some but not all


transportation was ridiculously cheap, we never actually used any taxi services as the busses ran quite late into the evening and like I said we practically walked everywhere… but for a 24 hour bus ticket it was no more than €7.50 additionally you can buy one way journeys and longer if necessary!

Rome was the tranquil yet busy atmospheres that had spread across the cobbled streets, every corner you turn you feel the beauty of the history through all your senses…

There would be groups of BEAUTIFUL Italian men suited and booted holding a cigar in one hand using the other to wave their arms and emphasise  their conversation expressions with the other  (not that I know Italian to relate to whatever they may me taking about ) In general the people were beautiful, very friendly and welcoming, although I think many people have different experiences with the Italian attitude.

Now for the best bit (mwahaha) ….

The cutest restaurants and bars are located absolutely everywhere all lively and busy.. My fave part of the holiday (apart from the views) was the food.. Of course I was buzzing to get my hands on all I could!

It was all better than expected and I expected a lot and in all honesty I am missing it sooooo much..

Half a pizza for a walking snack, hit the spot every time!



Still think about this…




I could just go on forever…

The famous Piazza Navona area was literally spot on for eating, the atmosphere was lovely too and it was just like it was in the movies.. I love the movies! Also had a very accurate charactercature done here that I will forever treasure… Even if it was a bit of a joke..

Anyway..My mission for the best ice cream (gelato) was successfully accomplished when we came across this little beauty on our way back to our hotel on our first evening, the first one I tried and certainly my fave out of the entire week! See it here 


You select your desired cone and then the melted chocolate you want in the cone,  three large scoops of your choice or however much you wanted.. (I had hazelnut, cookie and chocolate) every time topped with cream..

I sh*t you not.. The beauty was €2.50 (craaaaayze)

 Touristy bits 

What did I do?

Where did I go?

Monument of Victor Emmanuel II






Roman Forum


Vatican city – Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, St Peters SQ 





Castel sant’angelo

Piazza dei tribunali roma

Piazza Navona

Trevi Fountain






These were just a few of my highlights, i couldn’t quite pick out my favourite part because i literally loved it all, i would go back in a heartbeat !

Check my Instagram for more pictures (@beckyrosecarver)

My main advice is for you to get on your comfortable shoes on and be prepared to walk a lot !!!

You get to see so much more of the city when your active and on foot so don’t be lazy and dont be affraid to walk about without a map, its pretty impossible to get lost so just take it all in and be sensible.

TAKE A WATER BOTTLE, yes there are fountains of cold fresh water that you can drink from so save your little euros from buying water bottle after water bottle.

I am no Rome expert but I’m open to any questions about my experience and my personal advice and what not… ask away on the comments below or contact me directly on my contact page !!!



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