Revealing my curiosity; Reiki Healing

If you are completely new to the concept of ‘Reiki Healing’ as am i, the best way to define it is an art of spiritual healing, it is the basis of energy work. Now i know many would and roll their eyes at the thought of experiencing something like this but i roll my eyes at the narrowness of those peoples thoughts (don’t mean to offend)

I am not at all spiritual nor am i religious in anyway but I’m very curious to peoples beliefs and very open minded, SO through an exceptionally stressful time in my life i had no other choice but to give it a go.

I had negativity clinging on to me like you wouldn’t believe, I was tired stressed and genuinely down in the dumps about a lot of sh*t… Finishing university being the core of all that, most stressful experience of my life may i add, however i kept positive and proceeded to finish my last exam on the 17th May, THAT fulfilment and relief i felt from walking out the final exam was enough to spread happiness to the entire world, then with one phone call on the same day, I get told I’ve been made redundant.. FABULOUS ! The exciting moment had passed and of course the negativity jumped back on my back.

A lovely lady i know, Jamie is fully experienced and trained in providing Reiki healing therapy (as seen here) 

She welcomed me with open arms and was completely compassionate of my thoughts and feelings and for all the reasons i wanted to experience this the reiki healing.

I cant quite explain the process but all is explained prior and after…

With a herbal tea by my side and the incense burning i laid back and started my meditation (it isn’t easy to focus your mind when you have 10000 other things lingering in there) my eye mask went on and Jamie proceeded to take away all my bad energy, working down my body targeting the chakras, whats that you ask? have a look here best defined by an expert (given you the beginner guide)

Now before all i was thinking was, am i going to be laying here silently thinking “what is going on”taking in the incredible smells of the oils around me but i mean this with all honesty that i felt the entire process, it was like a magnetic feeling, i kept getting goosebumps throughout and it was literally making me twitch… i don’t know i don’t get how it works but i felt it… Not only all that i was extremely content, probably the first hour in a good few months I’ve been at peace with absolutely no interruptions.

After the healing, i sat up had my drink and burst into tears, i had an extreme overwhelming sensation, i was effortlessly crying (Happy and free emotion) Now I’m not saying i felt completely sorted, because i think that would be exaggerating but i genuinely feel with a few sessions, id be in the flow of something amazing with all the right parts of my body…

My strongest point was my heart chakra ; Green ! It signifies love and passion, things have been a little of key at the moment but its something i need to work on… if you see the link it gives you details of everything u need to know about the different meanings

Out of a selection of cards i managed to pick out the most necessary one ‘stubbornness’ yes I’m very aware of how stubborn i am and can be and it really will affect me in the long run in a lot greater situations i may have already experienced… it has made me think about my thoughts and decisions.

I had such an amazing afternoon experiencing this and its made me feel really strong about the process, Jamie even gave me a little care pack to take away with me ; incenses to burn, a pouch of herbal tea and a lot of positivity and happiness to follow…

“being in connection with your mind body and soul is the greatest gift, this world can be great to you”

Overall i had a completely overwhelming experience, i went in open minded and come out more optimistic with the reiki healing; energy work!

IF you have any stories of your reiki experiences, or any questions! Just ask 🙂

Id love to hear from you all








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6 thoughts on “Revealing my curiosity; Reiki Healing

  1. I will most certainly be trying this, you’re a smart woman becks. Such a faithful soul, so beautiful and a true inspiration.

    Endless amounts of love always.




  2. I recently tried Reiki over the weekend and I found it enjoyable. I didn’t experience any body sensations and am still curious about how it works. I did laugh so much afterwards too! I like it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    1. That’s great! I really want to go back for another now I’m in a better place within myself, I think my experience may be different… I’m also still curious. I’m pleased you enjoyed it also, laughter is the best medicine after all xx

      Liked by 1 person

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