21st Birthday 

13th April I had finally reached the next milestone of my life, everyone that knows me knows how much I was looking forward to this day… Literally like a little kid on their 10th birthday! Young at heart ( I guess mind body and soul as well )

I just wanted to use this time to show appreciation to everyone in my life, it was an incredibly special night/day/night, a break I really really needed and deserved as well..

The night before ; pre birthday drinks.

I actually got incredibly drunk… Personally don’t think it was necessary , I was hurting for a couple of days… But hey, how else would you want to enter your 21st mid week…

I got lavished with champagne, cakes, dances and presents… Including my pet pony.. What a little cutie


I spent the best part of the day with my wonderful mother, (she bought me a tme to a week in Rome, in a 4* hotel themed to perfection) and we are due to go end of May.

Although I wasn’t feeling to great on the inside, my heart felt full and I felt complete ; smiles all round! ( especially after my massage and blowdry)

I arrived at my meal that was arranged secretivley and to say the least I got extremely overwhelmed , my entire family and my day 1 bestfriends were there joining me on my special day.. I can’t explain how amazing that felt.. We were eating in a nice Chinese restaurant/buffet in Brentwood, Izumi ? Google will solve the spelling mistake..


Love love loveeeeee to y’all… Thank you for everything! Beautiful little bunch.

I got the most amazing gifts from everyone, I’m still trying to find places for them in my flat, it’s literally like a ballon and card shop at the moment! Spoilt princess ay!

However I got a couple things I think you bloggers and viewers would like..

Like I’ve said before I’m not one for knowing to much about fashion and trends and what not but I certainly know what I favour…

This outfit, I could’ve possibly got a smaller size but I think I doubted my size at the time of purchase.. But RED! Alarm bells, my fave colour ; but what a statement – it’s from Zara and I still believe it’s in store, I know they have another style in the same material and same colour too.. Yummy ! I felt amazing.

My shoes (in LOVEEEEEE) thanks mumma, they’re from faith in Debhenams (Basildon) & my beautiful petal bag is from Next ; so in love with that as well!

Amongst all the gifts I recived I got an extremely sentimental gift from my niece and nephew and their mother Kate, my entire family and closest friends were able to put in a jar of petals a birthday wish for myself.. The most beautiful messages that I can forever cherish now.. I’m not sure where it’s from but I think it’s one of the most beautiful gifts anyone can own! So thank you.

Cake cake cake

Enough is enough.. So if anyone wants any of either of these, feel free! It’s just not going .. I can’t eat another piece!

I have never felt so appreciated and loved in my entire life. Everyone’s messages o received all day, even after were beautiful and all day I just felt so so happy and in love… I am so very greatful..

But me being the greedy princess. I am still due to celebrate my birthday on the 23rd April. Partyyyyy time! ( post pending )

I cannot wait to celebrate more and fill you all in with my outfit that i cannot wait to wear.

Love to you all!




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