Same with any event or plans you have in the diary, you get a stimulating sense of excitment, a sensational build up patiently anticipating D day! I had an amazing opportunity to work at the National Televison Awards as a seat filler which descriptively means a person who sits in for a celebrity that hasn’t arrived or one that gets nominated to go up on stage, you just simply have to sit in their assigned chair for the evening… I know right, how do you even get a job like that, that’s rediculously amazing, and experiencing it, it actually was amazing.. I sat in for an Eastenders member, now personally being surrounded by talent that I’ve basically grown up with on my tv and watch daily every week, I was actually really nervous to be sitting with all of these amazing people!

I sat amongst the casts of Eastenders, Hollyoaks a variety of comedians and many more reality TV stars ( I was a Lucky one )

These kind of opportunities don’t come around for many people so I appreciate these more than anything! For anyone that knows me or read my blog, entertainment events like awards, red carpets, music events etc are exactly the kind of events of which I would like to fulfill in my future career path.

It was such a great vibe,  being at the 02 arena is always an overwhelming experience anyway, being in the crowd or not.. It was such a lovely evening, everyone was dresses to the nines ( I also had the chance to dress up and look pretty pretty myself, happy days) and all you could see were happy faces, ear to ear!

You can watch the awards on ITV catch up, the special recognition to Billy Connolly was a truly inspiring and amazing experience the atmosphere was uplifting, certainly worth a watch if you haven’t already – look out for me when Danny Dyer wins his award!

See my faves of the week to see my outfit choice! 🌏



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